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November 30, 2016

Finding long term rentals in Bend has reached high levels of frustration, which has renters looking elsewhere. According to a June 2016 article published in the Bend Bulletin, the rental housing vacancy rate has fallen to a mere 1.04 percent, with the Bend apartment vacancy rate at a whopping .62 percent, according to the Central Oregon Owners Association 2016 Rental Survey. With minimal rental options in Bend, it’s no wonder people are starting to look elsewhere. And it’s a perfect time to consider a long term rental in Sunriver, instead.

Benefits of Long Term Sunriver Rentals

While you might be ready to move out of Bend, you don’t have to go very far. With so many great lifestyle amenities, Sunriver is the perfect Central Oregon haven. You’ll enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in Sunriver, and still have easy access to Bend. Many Sunriver residents commute into Bend via Highway 97, which is a breeze when you can drive 65 mph the whole way and be into town in no time. Other benefits of ditching the Bend rental market and moving to Sunriver include:

  • Better rental rates than in Bend, which means more bang for your buck
  • Furnished and unfurnished homes available
  • Everything at your fingertips – School, veterinary, post office, groceries, restaurants, library, police and medical
  • Small, safe community
  • Easy access to playgrounds, bike paths and a myriad of recreational opportunities

When you choose a long term Sunriver rental, you can live the Central Oregon lifestyle without the high price tag and competitive Bend rental market. Long term Sunriver rentals allow you to live a relaxing lifestyle that’s both close to nature and close to the activity of Bend. Once you move out of Bend and into Sunriver, you’ll appreciate the quiet, small town feel. And with the addition of Starbucks and Brewed Awakenings, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix on your way to work in the morning.

Parents with school area students can enjoy the convenience of their children attending Three Rivers K-8 School. Students can attend the same school in Sunriver until 8th grade and then have the choice of Bend High School or La Pine High School, both of which include bus transportation from Sunriver.

Your frustration with the Bend rental market ends in Sunriver. Move out of Bend and into the charming community of Sunriver. Browse the listings of long term Sunriver rentals and contact Village Properties at Sunriver for more information about specific homes.

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