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February 28, 2022

Are you a homeowner with a property that you’d love to enroll in our long-term rental program? Do you have questions about a property wellness check and why you need one? We at Village Properties have the answers to those questions, and we thought that now is the perfect time to share them with you. We know that making sure your home is well taken care of and doing wellness checks will help save you money in the long run.

Condition of Your Property

Close-up view on old hand holding paintbrush.

Like your personal home, you want to make sure that your property, whether it has tenants in it or is vacant, is well taken care of. When you allow us at Village Properties to handle the maintenance of your long-term rental, we will ensure that your home is properly cared for. That includes periodic checks on your home to ensure that any issues are taken care of promptly. Doing so will save you time from coming and checking on your rental and money, as we will make sure any repairs are taken care of. No need to worry about it and let the professionals take control.

Smoke Detectors

Another excellent reason property wellness checks are needed to ensure that all your smoke detectors are in working order. You never know when you will need them, so making sure they perform is necessary. We do everything from checking their expiration dates to changing the essential batteries. If any rooms don’t have alarms in them, we will make sure to alert you, and we can also install them for you.

Heating & Cooling

Air conditioning system unit installed outside facade of the house

One of the benefits of having us handle your long-term rental is making sure that the heating and cooling part of your home is working correctly. If you notice that your heat is not working correctly during the colder months, it could lead to frozen pipes or unhappy tenants. We will notify the property owner and handle any issues that could prevent your home from being rented. We know that having a rental home is a luxury for many but having to make costly repairs is not fun. Don’t worry about your home or vacant home being neglected as we will look after it as it was our own home.

There are many more benefits as to why property wellness checks are needed on your long-term rental, and we needed to share these with you. If you consider using us as your property management team, give us a call today. We look forward to discussing these wellness checks with you at any time of the year!

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