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May 14, 2024

Oregon has wondrous and majestic mountain ranges throughout the state that will captivate any visitor. It’s one of the standout features of the Pacific Northwest. You absolutely need to see it for yourself when you stay with Village Properties At Sunriver. Sunriver, Oregon, is not far from a number of jaw-dropping mountain ranges and more natural attractions throughout Central Oregon. Here are some mountains that are easy to see and visit when you stay in Sunriver, Oregon.

Paulina Peak

Paulina Peak is 7,984 feet high. The best place to observe it is the Paulina Peak Observation Site. From there, you’ll get an incredible view of Paulina Peak, Newberry Caldera, Newberry Volcano, the Cascades, the Fort Rock Basin, and the rest of the Central Oregon landscape. This is a must for anyone looking for an unforgettable view!

North Sister/South Sister/Broken Top

For the adventurous at heart, the South Sister Climber Trail offers a thrilling journey through some of the most stunning natural features in the area. This popular trail, best tackled in the early morning or during the week, promises breathtaking views of South Sister and a chance to encounter other natural wonders like Green Lakes, Moraine Lakes, Soda Creek, Todd Lake, and more. The Three Sisters Peaks are comprised of North Sister, South Sister, and Broken Top. If you want to experience this area, be sure to visit the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Mount Bachelor

Just south of the Three Sisters is the awe-inspiring volcano, Mount Bachelor. One of the best places to see Mount Bachelor is from Deschutes National Forest. It is a dormant stratovolcano, meaning there is little to no threat of eruption. At the summit, you can visit the Mount Bachelor Observatory. One of the best times to visit this peak is during winter because you can take advantage of the snowshoeing, skiing, tubing, and dog sledding. Mt. Bachelor is only a 30-minute drive from Sunriver, which makes it extremely accessible to visitors. 

Bring Your Camera!

Don’t worry about missing out on these incredible sights! Bring your camera and capture the moment when you visit these mountain ranges in Central Oregon. By booking directly with Village Properties At Sunriver, you can enjoy these awe-inspiring views and more, all conveniently located near Sunriver and Bend. We offer the best accommodations in the area, with top-notch amenities and rooms. Book directly with us at 1-844-458-4433 or online, and let us help you find your perfect stay.

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