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April 4, 2018

How do I know which house is best for my vacation? Here are the top 5 tips on searching for and choosing the perfect home for your crew.

  1. Group size: Choose how many will be staying in the home with you. Most homes have an occupancy of anywhere from 4 all the way up to 14 or more. This is an important place to start to be sure the size of the home is ideal. Even with enough space for all to sleep, there may not be enough private spaces for your family to be comfortable. With that, make sure to not only specify how many people are with you on vacation, but also choose the number of rooms you’ll be comfortable with.
  2. Consider location: In Sunriver, there are lots of options. Do you want to be near or on the river? Is being on a golf course important to you? Or, does your group prefer to be outside of all the hubbub of Sunriver. The Village Properties collection of homes has a location for everyone’s preference.
  3. Dog-loving: Be sure to search for a pet friendly home if you want to bring your fur friend. Don’t leave Fido at home. There’s too much fun stuff for him to do here in Sunriver!
  4. Hot-tub: Many Sunriver homes have a hot tub, but not all. This is an especially nice item to have after a long day of adventuring. Choose a home with a hot tub and sink into the relaxation of a hot soak after a long day of swimming, skiing or biking the many miles of paths in the area.
  5. Price: Consider price. Booking a home directly through Village Properties at Sunriver is the best option. There are no hidden fees, we’re transparent with our pricing and we offer the best value for the home you choose. Many third party sites charge fees that are not involved when you book your home through us.
  6. BONUS TIP: Plan your activities: Once your home is booked, it’s time to think about the activities. Perhaps dad wants to go golfing, or the kids want to experience a local museum or the indoor VR area. At the end of the day, maybe mom wants to enjoy a meal out. Do all this an more at a discount through the Village Properties guest perks program! We know that a vacation in Sunriver means endless adventure. Be sure to check out the local discounts you get just by being our guest here.

FAQ: What is the very best way to find the perfect home? Let us do the work. Call one of our Sunriver experts today. Our staff not only knows our homes and which ones include which amenities, they also know the area. We are local to Sunriver and know the area’s endless adventures best. Let us know what is important to you and we’ll get back to you with some perfect home and activity options!

Will you be taking a vacation in Sunriver this summer? It’s important to book today to lock in the lowest rates and to get the widest variety of rental options.

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