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Splash Pedal and Dash Kids Race

June 22, 2018 all-day America/Los Angeles Timezone
57250 Overlook Rd
Sunriver, OR 97707

Start Them Young!  The Splash Pedal n Dash Kids Race is a VERY fun way to introduce young athletes to this tri-sport.  They also learn to give back as all proceeds from this event support the local non-profit Care for Kids Foundation.

  • Splash Pedal-n-Dash starts at the SHARC, within walking distance of the Athletes Village along Beaver Drive starting at 4pm on Friday.
  • It is a fun, short race with kids starting by maneuvering through an inflatable obstacle course. Then they’re directed to the parking lot transition area to get their bikes and ride to the Community Church parking lot. They will enter the transition area at the church, drop their bikes, and are directed out to the run path along Abbot Drive towards the finish line.
  • Splash Pedal-n-Dash finishes at the Athletes Village through the same Finish line that all the athletes will cross to the roar of the crowds making the kids feel super special as they receive their finisher’s medal!
  • The Splash Pedal-n-Dash is a timed but non-competitive, fun event!
  • Packet Pickup – Pickup your Child’s packet and/or register for the Kids races on Friday from 10am-3pm in the Village at PPU/Registration tent. Try not to leave this until the last minute because there’s a lot to get organized and you want this to be fun and stress-free for your child. We try to make this feel like a real event with body marking and bike & helmet stickers.
  • Bikes may be dropped off at the SHARC back parking lot from 1:30pm to 3:45pm but you may not park your car there.
  • 5 different age divisions –
    • 4:00pm – Group 1: Age 11 & 12 (no parents)
      4:15pm – Group 2: Age 9 & 10 (no parents)
      4:30pm – Group 3: Age 7 & 8 (no parents)
      4:45pm – Group 4: Age 5 & 6: (Optional parents for children not ready to venture out on their own – just speak to a Race official)
      5:00pm – Group 5: Age 4 & Under (with parents) – Parents walk beside pools and stay with kids on course.
  • The Splash, Pedal & Dash schedule is below.
    • Friday at 1:30pm Transition area at SHARC opens for bike check-in. Volunteers will help direct you where to place your child’s bike on the parking line behind their age cone. Handlebars should be facing north for ages 9 to 12, and south for ages 4 to 8. Please hold onto your child’s bike helmet, as they will need to wear it at the start of the Splash.
    • 3:45pm Transition area closes. All bikes must be staged in the transition area at this time. All kids and parents should be in the spectator area in the SHARC Amphitheater. Please do not climb over, under or through the fencing/flagging. Bikes not placed in transition area by this time are not allowed and must be held by the parent until their child completes the splash. The parent is then allowed to hold the bike for the child at end of the pools. The child must walk it back into transition and to the appropriate exit out of the parking lot.
    • All Kids start in a time-trial format, two at a time through the slide/wading pools. Kids must have their SHOES, BIB AND BIKE HELMET ON AT THE START.
  • Before the race, please don’t allow your child to get close to the timing mats by the pools, as their time will be activated.
  • If you want two of your children to go together, but they are in different groups, please choose the younger group to start.
  • After race, bikes may be picked up at any time from the Community Church parking lot transition area.
  • Parents are allowed to watch and take pictures from behind the fencing during the splash and as they begin the bike leg of the race. Parents may meet up with their child on the run course, or take the Beaver Drive path to village to meet at the Finish Line. Always use gates to cross the course, and don’t cross over, through or under any fencing. This allows for the safest environment for all.
  • It is best to divide and conquer this race if possible. For example, one parent is at the start with their child while another parent/family/friend is at the finish line to capture photos and congratulate your athlete! It’s very difficult to start with your child and make it to the finish line by the time they finish – especially with the older, faster kids!
  • Safety Tip: Write your child’s name and your cell phone number of back of children’s bib at registration.
  • Maps will be provided at the Packet Pickup/Registration tent in Athletes Village. Our Kids races are well-monitored and take place on the wide, paved bike paths.
  • Bikes may be picked up from the Community Church parking lot transition area after the event is completed.

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