There are many unique and delicious restaurants in and around Bend, Oregon. If you enjoy Chinese food, you’ll be able to indulge as there is a nice selection of places to stop and eat. Before planning where to eat and what to see in Bend, Oregon, consider your lodging at Village Properties At Sunriver. We are located in Sunriver, Oregon, which is very close to Bend and has plenty of great sights and attractions. Read on to learn more about the outstanding Chinese restaurants you can enjoy when visiting the Bend area.

King Buffet

If you are looking for a Chinese buffet, King Buffet is one of the best in Bend. It offers a wide range of delicious meals, sides, and desserts to choose from and a children’s menu. In addition, you can order your food for pickup and take it to the park or back to your vacation rental.

China Doll

China Doll is a casual and affordable restaurant that should be able to satisfy your desire for either sweet or savory meals. It’s a family-owned restaurant that has been in operation since 2000. Don’t overlook the hand-wrapped wontons filled with cream cheese and crab meat - they’re a local favorite!

Chan's Chinese Restaurant

Chan’s is another standout Chinese restaurant in Bend, which has been open for more than 30 years. It serves Beijing, Szechuan, Hunan, Mongolian, Shanghai, and Cantonese cuisine. It has stayed open in the same building since it’s opening in the 1980s, giving the restaurant a unique charm and history.

Find A Delicious Chinese Meal

Plan on eating out at or getting something to go from these delicious Chinese restaurants in Bend, Oregon. You can satisfy your craving and more can be easily done when you stay with Village Properties At Sunriver. We are near the best attractions in Sunriver and Bend and feature some of the finest amenities and rooms in the Central Oregon area. Please find your ideal lodging by booking directly with us at 1-844-458-4433 or online to hear more about our accommodations.

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime through the VIP Experience, Village Properties' guest perks program! At Village Properties, we believe all our guests deserve VIP treatment. When you book your vacation rental with us, you get access to fantastic offers from local businesses and activities to heighten your Sunriver experience. Enjoy free tickets to local museums and discounts on Sunriver activities, at local restaurants and shops, and more! Many of these are exclusive to Village Properties guests, so don’t miss out!

How Does the VIP Experience Work?

This perk program is one that we put together so our guests can explore and enjoy the activities and businesses that the Sunriver area has to offer! We want you to get the most out of your Sunriver adventure and hope these opportunities will help.

When you book your stay with us, you get to engage in 2 different types of perks: Selection Perks and Stay Perks.
Selection Perks are selected at the time of your booking and are included in your stay. You have the choice to either get up to $250 of entry fee reimbursement for SHARC, or you get to select free tickets to 3 local attractions for your whole booking gorupfrom a list like the High Desert Musuem, Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory, Modern Games' Game Library, and more. See all current Selection Perks options here.

Stay Perks are specials/discounts that are constantly available to guests during their stay with Village Properties. These are mostly discounts and freebies that are offered by local businesses. You'll get access to a variety of exciting ventures and more at a discount, including outdoor adventures, indoor activities, food/drink, shopping, etc.

Many of these perks will be redeemed by showing a VP VIP card (provided in your rental), but this does not apply to all of the perks. Please see each perk listing on our website or in the rental's homebook for information about how to redeem the perk as a VP VIP. Some ask that you book in advance of your stay, so planning your trip and perk use early is recommended! If a VIP Card is required to redeem the perk, have each group member who is redeeming it have a VIP card, as the card is per person and not per group. VIP Cards will be placed in each vacation home. Each home will include enough VIP Cards for each guest to have one.

Common VIP Experience FAQ's

Who is a VIP?
At Village Properties, we view all of our guests as VIPs, therefore everyone who books a rental home through us gets VIP access and perks! All guests that are included in a rental booking also have access to perks and will be included in our out for Selection Perks tickets. For this reason, we request that you be as accurate as possible when choosing your guest number when booking.

Does it cost extra to be a VIP?
One of our favorite parts about the program is that no price increase has occurred to start or maintain it! This program is covered by the same recreational fees included in your stay as before and by the generosity of the local businesses participating.

Do all your rental homes include the VIP Experience?
All rental homes will give guests access to VIP Stay Perks, but some homes will have the Selection Perks pre-selected for you. Please see your rental’s description to know which Selection Perks you’ll have available while staying.

Ready to be a VIP?

Our reservation team is ready to help you plan your next adventure to Sunriver. Book your lodging for your getaway with Village Properties either online or over the phone (1-800-786-7483) to get access to all this VIP Experience goodness! If you have any questions about our VIP Experience program or your rental booking, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We are ready to help you every step of the way!

Bend, Oregon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and nature lovers alike. Known for its stunning mountain views, access to the gorgeous Deschutes River, and endless trails, our area offers a paradise for those seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors. Among the myriad of outdoor activities that Bend has to offer, cycling stands out as a beloved pastime and mode of transportation for locals and visitors alike.

In the heart of Central Oregon’s vibrant cycling community lies Ride2You, a local gem that caters to the needs of cyclists of all levels. Situated conveniently in Bend, Ride2You is more than just a bike rental shop; it's a hub for cyclists to connect, explore, and engage in their passion for riding.

Bike Rentals Where and When You Need Them

Ride2You is known in the Central Oregon Community as the perfect rental provider because they deliver straight to you! Servicing Bend and Sunriver, Ride2You uses an easy reservation system that allows you to pick your perfect rental bike and have it dropped off at your door whether it be your home, a vacation rental, or otherwise! Choose from a great selection of e-bikes, fat tires, mountain bikes, kids bikes, cruisers, and more.

Expert Service and Selection

If you choose to visit their location, you're greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The friendly staff members are not only knowledgeable about all things cycling but are also passionate enthusiasts themselves. Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of cycling, you'll find the guidance and support you need to embark on your next two-wheeled adventure.

One of the standout features of Ride2You is its extensive selection of bikes and gear. From sleek road bikes designed for speed to rugged mountain bikes built to conquer the trails, Ride2You offers a diverse range of options to suit every rider's needs and preferences. The store proudly carries top brands known for their quality and innovation, ensuring that customers have access to the latest advancements in cycling technology. Come in and have your pick of high-quality bikes made by Aventon, Fuji, Breezer, Rad Power Bikes, and Velotric.

From Rentals to Repairs

Ride2You is more than just a place to rent or purchase bikes; it's a full-service cycling hub. Whether your bike needs a tune-up, repairs, or customizations, the skilled technicians at Ride2You have you covered. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust that your beloved bike is in good hands.

In addition to its impressive inventory and expert service, Ride2You also hosts a variety of events and group rides throughout the year. From casual rides along the scenic Deschutes River to challenging mountain biking excursions in the nearby mountains, these events provide cyclists with the opportunity to explore Bend's stunning landscapes while connecting with fellow riders who share their passion.

Whether you're a local resident looking to upgrade your ride or a visitor eager to explore Bend's cycling trails with a rental, Ride2You welcomes you with open arms. With its unparalleled selection, expert service, and commitment to fostering a thriving cycling community, Ride2You is more than just a store; it's a destination for cyclists of all backgrounds to come together and share their love for the sport.

So the next time you find yourself in Bend, Oregon, be sure to pay a visit to Ride2You. Whether you're in need of a drop-off rental, new bike, repairs, or simply want to connect with fellow cyclists, Ride2You is sure to become your go-to spot for all things cycling in Central Oregon. Happy riding!

Want 10% Off Your Rental?

When you stay with Village Properties, you can take the opportunity to get 10% off your Ride2You bike rental as part of your stay through the VIP Experience! Learn more about the Village Properties VP VIP Experience and book your next cycling adventure to Central Oregon today!

If you’ve ever visited Sunriver, then you know it’s a gorgeous area that beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes and a myriad of recreational activities. Among the many businesses catering to these adventure seekers, Village Bike and Ski is a necessity for those looking to explore the area on two wheels or by gliding down pristine slopes. Let's ride into the world of Village Bike and Ski and discover how this local gem enhances the Sunriver experience.

Built for Biking

Sunriver's extensive network of scenic bike paths and trails provides the perfect outlet for cycling enthusiasts, and Village Bike and Ski is the go-to spot for all your biking needs. Whether you're a casual cruiser or a seasoned cyclist, the shop offers a diverse range of rental bikes suitable for all ages and skill levels. From sleek road bikes for those who crave speed to sturdy mountain bikes built for tackling rugged terrains, Village Bike and Ski ensures that everyone can pedal their way through Sunriver's natural wonders.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Village Bike and Ski go beyond merely renting out bikes. They provide invaluable local insights, recommending the best trails based on your preferences and skill level. Whether you're looking for a leisurely ride along the Deschutes River or a more challenging mountain biking adventure, their expertise ensures you make the most of your biking experience.

Winter Sport Necessity

When the ski season starts, Village Bike and Ski becomes a winter sport essential. Boasting a diverse selection of high-quality ski and snowboard equipment for rent, the shop equips winter enthusiasts to conquer the slopes of nearby Mt. Bachelor, Hoodoo, and other popular ski destinations.

From beginners to experts, Village Bike and Ski has the right gear to ensure a comfortable and exhilarating experience on the mountain. The shop's commitment to quality extends to its well-maintained rental equipment, ensuring that every skier and snowboarder enjoys a safe and exciting ride wherever their winter wanderlust takes them.

For Rent, Purchase, More

 If you loved the equipment you got for the day, Village Bike and Ski has more than just rentals! They offer retail for both bike and ski equipment in addition to offering rental equipment so you can take the ride with you. They take great pride in supplying you with top-notch, high-quality equipment and carry bike lines such as Trek, Cannondale, and Norco.  For the winter they offer skis from K2, Head, Blizzard, and Fischer. Whether for just a ride up to the mountain or for the ride home, the offerings the Village Bike and Ski have are unbeatable!

If you came into town with your own equipment and found that it needs a tune-up, Village Bike and Ski can help there too! In addition to renting and selling, they are also a full-service shop that offers tunes and repairs for bikes and skis year-round. Stop by if your equipment needs a little TLC before hitting the slopes or the trails.

Community Connection

What truly sets Village Bike and Ski apart is its deep-rooted connection to the Sunriver community. Locally owned and operated, the shop isn't just a place to rent equipment; it's a gathering point for outdoor enthusiasts to share stories, tips, and a common love for adventure. The staff's passion for Sunriver and the natural beauty surrounding it is infectious, creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites one and all to get excited about exploring the outdoors.

Village Bike and Ski isn't just invested in the person-to-person community, but also the natural community surrounding our area. They have been heavily involved in supporting the creation and maintenance of local trails in the area so everyone can get out and enjoy all that Sunriver has to offer. They have contributed both financially and with volunteer labor to the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) to help create and maintain trail networks in the area. This has been a huge effort as everyone in the Central Oregon area is now spoiled to have hundreds of miles of trails in the area. Talk about being involved in what you love!

Village Bike and Ski in Sunriver, Oregon, isn't just a rental shop – it's a gateway to exploration and adventure. Whether you're biking along scenic trails in the summer or carving through fresh powder in the winter, this local gem ensures that you're equipped with the best gear and expert advice for your next outdoor excursion. So, gear up and get ready to discover the unparalleled beauty of Sunriver, courtesy of Village Bike and Ski.

Want 10% Off Your Rental?

When you stay with Village Properties, you can take the opportunity to rent with Village Bike and Ski as part of your stay through the VIP Experience! Village Properties guests get 10% Off Bike and Ski Rentals at Village Bike and Ski as one of your Stay Perks. Learn more about the Village Properties VP VIP Experience and book your next adventure to Central Oregon today!

In the heart of Bend, Oregon, where adventure-seekers are always on the hunt for the next great experience, one establishment stands out: Modern Games. Nestled amid this picturesque city, the store has become a haven for gaming enthusiasts, offering a unique and exciting experience that goes beyond the traditional retail space.

A Gaming Haven in Bend

Modern Games is more than just a retail outlet; it is a gaming haven that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of Bend's gaming community and beyond. As you step inside, you're greeted by an ambiance that resonates with the energy of tabletop adventures waiting to be explored. The store's open interior design boasts not only a robust shopping area for board games, card games, and more but also features a game library where guests can play any game on its shelf to test how they like it and enjoy an old or new adventure with their friends or family. They’ve truly created a place where players can come and enjoy a few minutes or a few hours exploring new and old games.

Curated Collection of Modern Titles

What sets Modern Games apart is its meticulously curated collection of modern titles (it’s in the name!) From the latest releases to timeless classics, the shelves are adorned with a diverse array of games spanning various genres, playstyles, and interests. Whether you're a fan of action-packed adventures, immersive role-playing games, or cooperative multiplayer experiences, the store offers a comprehensive selection that caters to gamers of all ages and preferences.

The knowledgeable staff adds to their charm, providing expert recommendations and insights into the gaming world. Their passion for gaming is evident, creating an environment where customers can engage in meaningful conversations about their favorite titles and discover hidden gems they might have overlooked.

Community Events and Tournaments

Modern Games isn't just a place to purchase gaming essentials; it's a community hub that fosters a sense of camaraderie among players. Regularly hosting community events, gaming nights, and tournaments, the store actively engages with the local gaming scene. These events bring gamers together, creating opportunities for friendly competition, collaboration, and the forging of lasting connections. Modern Games has played a pivotal role in shaping Bend's growing tabletop community, providing a place for all ages, skill levels, and interests to join in the fun.

Did We Mention There Are Snacks and Drinks Available?

Gamer munchies are certainly a thing, and the staff at Modern Games wants you to be able to enjoy your time without getting interrupted by your stomach. Savor a variety of snacks and drinks available for guests to purchase so they can relax and enjoy their time in the shop. While the available options do cater to all ages, Modern Games also provides some alcoholic options for the “older kids” in the group.

To sum things up, Modern Games in Bend, Oregon, is more than just a retail space; it is a dynamic hub that celebrates the essence of tabletop gaming. With its expertly curated collection and emphasis on quality gaming accessories, community events, and creating a place for all tabletop lovers, the store has become an integral part of Bend's gaming culture. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of tabletop adventures, a visit to Modern Games is a journey into the heart of Bend's thriving gaming community.

Want FREE Access to the Game Library?

When you stay with Village Properties, you can take the exciting opportunity to visit Modern Games as part of your stay through the VIP Experience! Get access for your whole group to enjoy Modern Game’s Game Library as part of your Selection Perks, or get Buy 3 Library Passes and Get 1 Free as one of your Stay Perks. Learn more about the Village Properties VP VIP Experience and book your next adventure to Central Oregon today!

Central Oregon is one of the most beautiful places in the United States. It’s a great location for those who need a remote place to work for an extended period or those who want to experience the majesty of Oregon’s nature for much longer than a weekend getaway. This is why Village Properties At Sunriver is ideal for those who want to get away for a while. These are some of the best long-term vacation rentals near La Pine, Sunriver, and Bend, Oregon, so take some time and browse these amazing spots!

Long Term Rentals Bend Oregon

13 Wickiup, Sunriver

Four Bedroom, Three Bath Home

This spacious home in Sunriver has some outstanding amenities. You will find a hot tub on a private deck and a secondary deck off the dining room. You’ll love lounging near the large windows that fill the comfortable rooms with natural light. There is one spot available for parking and bike and walking paths close by.

Powder Village Unit B1, Sunriver

Studio, 1 Bath Condominium

Enjoy this upper unit located in the lovey Powder Village complex. This condominium is located near plenty of amenities in Sunriver, Oregon. You will be close to Three Rivers School, the Post Office, and the library. The property features an on-site laundry facility, outdoor pool, and hot tub.

51325 Mitts Way, La Pine

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath Home
One of the standout features of this property is the large, open floor plan and a double-car garage. You’ll see that this property is close to schools, shopping, and outdoor recreation in la Pine, Oregon. The freshly painted interior and newer appliances give the home a lively and comfortable feel. Pets are negotiable with the owner if you have a four-legged family member.

Stay A Little Longer In Oregon

In a long-term vacation rental in Central Oregon, you can take more time to see and experience all the greater Bend, OR, area has to offer. Village Properties At Sunriver welcomes you to stay a little longer and get the most our of your adventure. We are near the top attractions from Sunriver to Bend and feature some of the finest lodging and amenities in the area. Contact us online or at (541) 749-1298 to hear more about our accommodations.

There are few more thrilling and exciting winter activities than snowmobiling through fresh snow. It’s not available everywhere, so you should take advantage of it when you can. Central Oregon is a fantastic winter wonderland with plenty of exciting options for locals and visitors alike. Snowmobiling is very accessible near Bend, Oregon during certain times of the year, and you can find a decent number of snowmobile rentals nearby. To blaze new snow trails and do more in winter, book directly with Village Properties at Sunriver. Continue reading to learn more about snowmobiling near Bend, Oregon. 

Adrenaline Rentals

Adrenaline Rentals has a variety of Polaris snowmobiles to choose from for your snowmobile excursion. You can also rent a 2023 kx450x Snowbike, which offers similar thrills to a snowmobile but, as you can guess, in the form of a bike. 

Central Oregon Rentals

Another outstanding adventure rental business is Central Oregon Rentals. They can provide you with a snowmobile for those interested in exploring Bend, Sunriver, Redmond, Sisters, La Pine, Mt. Bachelor, Paulina, and Santiam Pass. You can rent Yamaha and Ski-Doo snowmobiles to explore the local snow parks and backcountry trails.

Elevation Adventure Rentals

At Elevation Adventure Rentals, you can take advantage of daily or sled-share snowmobile rentals. Hop on the back of a Ski-Doo or Polaris model and adventure out into the Central Oregon wilderness. Elevation Adventure Rentals can provide maps and suggestions for local trials if you are new to the area or the hobby.

Catch The Need For Speed This Winter

Jumping on the back of a snowmobile and carving your trail in Central Oregon will be an eventful moment. Have the best time snowmobiling near Bend, Oregon! You can also easily find your way back to your vacation rental when you stay at Village Properties At Sunriver. We are near the top attractions from Sunriver to Bend and feature some of the finest amenities and rooms in the area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. Contact us at 1-844-458-4433 or book online to hear more about our accommodations.

Congratulations on the engagement! We’re sure you trying to soak in every moment of the joy that comes with being engaged, but we're also certain that your attention is starting to shift to choosing where you and your partner will get married. If you’re considering the rustic and outdoorsy state of Oregon, you should know about one of its most beautiful and welcoming areas. We are talking about Central Oregon, home to the lovely cities of Sunriver and Bend. Sunriver and Bend are amazing destinations for vacations, weekend getaways, and gorgeous weddings. We have no shortage of wedding venues and lodging in Sunriver and Bend. Start your wedding planning with us at Village Properties At Sunriver. We can help you with lodging while you search wedding venues in Sunriver or Bend, Oregon. Book with us and get 10% off lodging for you and your guests!

Dee Bar Weddings

Imagine hosting your wedding with the Cascade Mountains as your backdrop. That’s what you can have with Dee Bar Weddings. This is perfect for those looking for an outdoor wedding location that’s not hard to find. The venue is close to Redmond Airport, making transportation easy if your guests travel nearby. There is also an open-air reception area and dance floor.

Benham Hall at SHARC

One of the best, and also close to your lodging with Village Properties At Sunriver, is found in Sunriver at the Benham Hall at SHARC. There is a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as a private outdoor patio and grass amphitheater. Overall, this is a wonderful, budget-friendly wedding venue close to your lodging and not short on gorgeous views of Central Oregon.

Aspen Hall

With Cleveland Park and a gorgeous water feature as its backdrop, Aspen Hall is a popular wedding venue in the Bend area. It’s your best bet for a peaceful and simple wedding venue while offering many great amenities. It includes a kitchen for caterers, a fireplace, and the calming Tumalo Creek steps away from the Aspen Hall.

Make It A Day To Remember

You have some big decisions ahead of you, but we hope this is a great place to start when choosing a wedding venue in Sunriver or Bend, Oregon. Remember that Village Properties At Sunriver can handle your guest lodging and more. For example, wedding couples and their guests can save 10% when they book lodging through us using the code LOVE10. We are near the best attractions in Sunriver and Bend and feature some of the finest amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have your ideal wedding lodging by booking directly with us at 1-844-458-4433 or book online to hear more about our accommodations.

Winter is one of the best times to visit Central Oregon. It's an excellent place for those wanting to ski, snowshoe, or take in the snowy mountain views. You'll need a place to recharge from your ski trip or winter hike. Kick back and enjoy your time off from a cozy vacation rental through Village Properties at Sunriver. Start figuring out what you want to do when you visit Central Oregon. Here are some ideal winter vacation rentals in Sunriver, Oregon, for any size.

Crane 6

This is a gorgeous, custom-built log home situated on the banks of the Big Deschutes River. It has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, suitable for up to 12 guests. For skiers, you'll love that you are 25 minutes from Mt. Bachelor Ski Area, as well as snow play, sledding, and snowmobile parks. It's also excellent for lounging on the sun deck or in the hot tub.

Black Duck 4

Black Duck 4 has a superb private backyard and is only 10 minutes from Sunriver Village. The property has access to Oregon Water Wonderland's private park and dock on the Deschutes River. The private backyard comes with a fire pit with firewood. The rental property is suitable for 11 guests and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Snow Goose Court 9

This beautiful log home is located on the Deschutes River, with lots of space to play in the snow in the backyard. It provides four bedrooms and three bathrooms that can accommodate ten guests. Relax indoors with the wood-burning fireplace and a warm mug of hot cocoa.

Wood Duck 9

Get away from the city limits with Wood Duck 9. Natural light fills the living room with the large windows. Lounge in the private hot tub overlooking the Deschutes River. It's the perfect place for eight people, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Fall In Love With Winter In Central Oregon

There's so much to see and explore in winter when you stay in Central Oregon. Go out and explore our winter wonderland, or cozy up and enjoy winter in comfort in your vacation rental from Village Properties at Sunriver. We are near the best attractions in Sunriver and Bend. We feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, contact us at 1-844-458-4433 or book online.