Village Properties has been a key business in Sunriver for more than 30 years.

Village Properties has provided property management services in Sunriver for over 30 years and we have a dedicated department to provide you with the quality of service you deserve!

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or looking for a summer vacation home, our team of passionate, dedicated realtors have the expertise to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

Long Term Property Management Services

Advantages Of Using Village Properties At Sunriver To Manage Your Property

  1. Qualified In-house maintenance team available 24/7 to increase and maintain value of your property. In-house housekeepers provide a standardization of housekeeping & make your property available to rent faster.
  2. Monthly statements by an experienced accountant to handle all financial aspects of owning a rental property.
  3. Licensed management team with experience and training in Tenant Landlord Law.
  4. Advertising on the top listing sites is included.
  5. Market knowledge to provide higher rental rates.
  6. Knowledgeable leasing specialists that advertise and show your property to ensure a shorter time on the market.
  7. Cross-over Program that allows you to maximize your return on investment with both vacation and long-term renting.
  8. Real “boots on the ground” we live here, play here, and work here.
  9. Proven track record of providing top-level customer service to both owners and tenants.

Services We Offer

Full Service Management – Let the professionals handle all aspects of renting your property. Some owners find that letting the professionals handle everything is the best way to go, while others chose to be a little more involved. Have it your way and be as hands-on or hands-off as you like.

Cross-over Program – Completely unique to Village Properties at Sunriver and available to owners that would like to have a vacation rental that will provide substantial revenue in the peak season and also provide stability of a long-term rental in the off season. Owners that have taken advantage of this have been raving about successes that they never thought possible.

Be Your Own Landlord Tool Kit – If you are thinking about renting out your home or already manage your rental, you may experience some difficulty with finding the right tenant, background checks, lease renewals, or preventative maintenance and security checks. Let Village Properties ease your mind by using our expertise and access to the software necessary to perform these a la carte services for you! Below is a list of services we can provide you with as often or as little as you’d like. We’re happy to help!

  1. Finder’s Fee (Tenant Placement)
    50% of first month’s rent with a $500 minimum.

    For the owner who wants to handle the day-to-day of renting their property, but desire a little extra help finding a qualified tenant and leasing the property. Our Leasing specialists handle all the marketing and paperwork included in a rental agreement. After finalizing everything we hand it over to you for a small fee.

  2. Screening & Lease Renewals
    Ranges from $100-$250 dependent on the service

    Whether an owner already has a tenant in mind and just need to have a professional and thorough background/screening report done or the current tenant’s lease end date is coming up and it’s time for renewal, Village Properties at Sunriver is available to handle your specific needs.

  3. Preventative Maintenance / Security Checks
    $50 per visit (within 15 miles of our office)

    Our customizable preventative maintenance program ensures that with timely and routine repairs we will reduce the chances of major issues before they arise. Security checks are great for owners that would like to have someone keep an eye on their property while it is vacant. This service can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and gives you peace of mind while away.

  4. Rental Analysis

    Maybe you are a new landlord and would like to try renting your property on your own and just want a professional rental analysis, we are here to help.

Landlord Assistance

Being a landlord of a rental property will have many unexpected challenges arise. Often an owner who is also the landlord faces a situation that is completely new to them and they struggle with finding answers or the help they seek. Village Properties at Sunriver is here for those Do-It-Yourself landlords that sometimes just need a quick answer. While we are not a law firm and we always recommend you seek legal advice from a lawyer, we can often give you the direction needed in making those difficult decisions. These are just some of the common issue that landlords can expect to deal with:

  • Section 8 acceptance and handling
  • Service / companion animals
  • Eviction process
  • Notices to enter
  • Violation notices
  • Smoke & carbon monoxide alarm requirements
  • Fair housing laws
  • State and Local laws
  • Insurance requirements
  • Security deposit processing


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