Moving Out of Bend – Benefits of Long Term Sunriver Rentals

Finding long term rentals in Bend has reached high levels of frustration, which has renters looking elsewhere. According to a June 2016 article published in the Bend Bulletin, the rental housing vacancy rate has fallen to a mere 1.04 percent, with the Bend apartment vacancy rate at a whopping .62 percent, according to the Central Oregon Owners Association 2016 Rental Survey. With minimal rental options in Bend, it’s no wonder people are starting to look elsewhere. And it’s a perfect time to consider a long term rental in Sunriver, instead.

Benefits of Long Term Sunriver Rentals

While you might be ready to move out of Bend, you don’t have to go very far. With so many great lifestyle amenities, Sunriver is the perfect Central Oregon haven. You’ll enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle in Sunriver, and still have easy access to Bend. Many Sunriver residents commute into Bend via Highway 97, which is a breeze when you can drive 65 mph the whole way and be into town in no time. Other benefits of ditching the Bend rental market and moving to Sunriver include:

  • Better rental rates than in Bend, which means more bang for your buck
  • Furnished and unfurnished homes available
  • Everything at your fingertips – School, veterinary, post office, groceries, restaurants, library, police and medical
  • Small, safe community
  • Easy access to playgrounds, bike paths and a myriad of recreational opportunities

When you choose a long term Sunriver rental, you can live the Central Oregon lifestyle without the high price tag and competitive Bend rental market. Long term Sunriver rentals allow you to live a relaxing lifestyle that’s both close to nature and close to the activity of Bend. Once you move out of Bend and into Sunriver, you’ll appreciate the quiet, small town feel. And with the addition of Starbucks and Brewed Awakenings, you’ll be able to get your caffeine fix on your way to work in the morning.

Parents with school area students can enjoy the convenience of their children attending Three Rivers K-8 School. Students can attend the same school in Sunriver until 8th grade and then have the choice of Bend High School or La Pine High School, both of which include bus transportation from Sunriver.

Your frustration with the Bend rental market ends in Sunriver. Move out of Bend and into the charming community of Sunriver. Browse the listings of long term Sunriver rentals and contact Village Properties at Sunriver for more information about specific homes.

Book a Sunriver Ski Vacation Just in Time for Cloudchaser

We’ve been buzzing with excitement in Central Oregon since Mt. Bachelor announced the addition of the new Cloudchaser lift. Cloudchaser, a high-speed detachable quad chairlift, will provide greater protection from the elements during storms and add 635 acres to the lift-served terrain at Mt. Bachelor. With the addition of Cloudchaser, this makes Mt. Bachelor the 5th largest ski area in the United States. Cloudchaser and more terrain provide one more excellent reason to book a Sunriver ski vacation with Village Properties at Sunriver.

About Cloudchaser

Crews have been busy installing the new chairlift at Mt. Bachelor. Cloudchaser is slated to open in mid-December for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.

  • Cloudchaser is the first new lift at Mt. Bachelor to add previously unserved terrain since the addition of Northwest Express in 1996
  • The last new chairlift installed at Mt. Bachelor was the replacement of Pine Marten Express in 2006
  • Cloudchaser adds 635 acres of skiable terrain and 6.2 miles of groomed runs, making Mt. Bachelor the 5th largest ski area in the US

The addition of Cloudchase could ease long lift lines during the busy ski season, which all visitors to the mountain will be grateful for. When planning your Sunriver ski vacation, this is definitely something to keep in mind! Shorter lift lines and more accessible terrain on the east side of the mountain add up to a great winter at Mt. Bachelor. Now, all we need to do is pray for snow!

Book Your Sunriver Ski Vacation

With the addition of Cloudchaser, it’s the perfect time to book your Sunriver ski vacation. Sunriver offers many advantages when planning your ski vacation, including:

  • Easy access to Century Dr. and Mt. Bachelor
  • Dining and shopping opportunities abound at The Village at Sunriver
  • Two breweries and a wealth of taps bring Central Oregon craft brewing culture to your front door
  • Winter sports outside skiing and snowboarding, including tubing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling
  • Cozy vacation rentals with fireplaces, hot tubs and all of the essentials for a comfortable Sunriver ski vacation

When booking your Sunriver ski vacation, Village Properties offers many benefits. From discounts at local merchants to our 4th Night Free special, you’ll be happy with your choice to book with Village Properties at Sunriver. Contact Village Properties today to book your Sunriver ski vacation this winter and enjoy expanded access to east side terrain at Mt. Bachelor with Cloudchaser.

Family Gift Idea for the Holidays: A Stay in Sunriver!

Black Friday is about to kick off the unofficial holiday shopping season, which means it’s time for that age-old question: What big gift to get for my family this year?

The best family gifts are the ones that make lasting memories.

If you’re struggling to find a new idea for the perfect family gift this year, how about treating them to a vacation in Sunriver? Give the gift of togetherness, and memories to last a lifetime.

Village Properties now offers Gift Certificates, so you can relive your favorite Sunriver adventures and make some new family memories, too.

Because it’s the thought that counts. 

Remember the last time you were in Sunriver? Yeah… your family does, too. It was such a great trip, and it’s something you can share with them again.

Whether you prefer splashing on the river, or swooshing down the slopes, your Sunriver playground awaits. Gift Certificates can be used toward a vacation rental any time of the year, so you can plan the perfect getaway for your whole family. And with no set denomination, you can choose the amount that you’d like to gift. Whether your family is big or small, this gift idea is sure to be a hit with all!

Give the gift of Sunriver this holiday season.

Call 1-800-SUNRIVER to purchase a Gift Certificate to put towards your next vacation rental with Village Properties.

 The family gift idea that gives back over the years?  More time spent together in Sunriver! Call 1-800-SUNRIVER to purchase your Gift Certificates today!

10 Tips to Navigate Your Central Oregon Home Search

For many in Central Oregon, now is the perfect time to buy real estate. In addition to being a great investment, many people find it makes more sense to buy, rather than rent, with the Central Oregon rental vacancy rate hovering around one percent. If you’re considering buying a Central Oregon home, there are several tips Village Properties at Sunriver suggests to navigate the real estate landscape.

Navigating Your Central Oregon Home Search

  1. Do Your Legal Research – Real estate is local to the area, which means each state and sometimes each county can have different laws regarding real estate transactions. Consult with a real estate broker about the laws in Deschutes County and how they will affect the purchase of a new home.
  2. Get Your Finances in Order – Buying real estate, be it in Central Oregon or elsewhere, is a large investment. If you’re considering buying real estate, be sure to take steps towards getting your finances in order. Hold off on opening new credit cards, changing jobs and carefully watch how you’re spending your money. By showing lenders you have stable finances, you’re more likely to lock down a great mortgage rate.
  3. Interview a Few Lenders Before Diving into the Central Oregon Home Search – Before truly starting the Central Oregon home search, start by talking to several lenders. Comparing companies can help you find a lender you’re comfortable with and solidify your financial backing.
  4. Choose the Right Time to Buy – While times of economic downturn result in a buyer’s market, times of economic growth often benefit sellers. It all comes down to supply and demand.
  5. Do Your Neighborhood Research – No matter where you live in Central Oregon, it’s bound to have advantages that are attractive to your lifestyle. While many communities have similarities, it’s important to do your research. Is it important for you to have land and easy access to nature? If so, maybe Sunriver, La Pine or Sisters would suit your lifestyle. Want to be close to family activities and community culture? Consider Bend’s Northwest Crossing neighborhood.
  6. Choose a Broker You’re Comfortable With – Real estate brokers offer buyers a wealth of knowledge about the local market and can help locate properties within your price range. When it comes to a large investment like real estate, it’s important to feel comfortable with your realtor. Interview several brokers before settling. Don’t feel bad about not going with the first person you talk to, or even the fifth. This decision affects your life, so be sure to choose a realtor you can trust.
  7. Be Realistic – While we all have this vision of the perfect home, it’s important to be realistic in our expectations. Make a list of priorities; your must-haves and the items you can compromise on, and use these criteria to help guide your home search. While your “perfect” home may exist, it just might not be in your price range, which is something to be prepared for. A realtor can help you meet as many of your criteria as possible, but it helps to know ahead of time what items are most important to you.
  8. Trust Your Gut – While it might be nice to get some input from a few trusted friends and family members about your Central Oregon home search, keep in mind that too many differing opinions might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Keep in mind that you’re the one making the final decision and remember that your own opinion is the one that matters.
  9. Insist on a Home Inspection – In a competitive market, most buyers might only walk through a home once and some might even make an offer, sight-unseen. Protect yourself and your investment by having a home inspection done. Find out everything you can about the home before signing on the dotted line.
  10. Have Fun – We know that while a Central Oregon home search can be stressful, there’s great reward in being a homeowner and then the real fun starts. Remember to keep it light. If you follow these tips, you’ll avoid additional stress and be able to navigate the Central Oregon home search like a seasoned veteran.

Are you ready to begin your Central Oregon home search? Village Properties at Sunriver is home to some of Central Oregon’s most trusted real estate brokers. We’re ready and eager to help you navigate the real estate landscape with ease – no matter where you’re searching throughout Central Oregon. While we’re located in Sunriver, we serve all of Central Oregon.