Adventure Planning Made Easy

Whether visiting Sunriver on vacation or living here permanently, there are a variety of Sunriver and Central Oregon recreation activities to enjoy year round. Once you book your vacation home, it’s time to start adventure planning. How will you spend your days? With a plethora of ideas from golf to biking and from ice-skating to snowmobiling, it can feel overwhelming to plan your agenda. It can also take a lot of extra time to coordinate.

At Village Properties at Sunriver, we want to make vacation planning as easy as possible for you. With our adventure planning system, you choose your adventure, your way. No need to spend hours online researching the best activities for your vacation.

With our easy-to-use tool, you simply enter the dates of your stay and how many are in your party and, just like that, you’ll have seasonally appropriate activities at your fingertips. From here, you’ll see pricing and available days and times for each adventure. Upon choosing each activity, you can simply add it to your “Backpack” and keep shopping. Choose activities for your entire time and upon completion, you will have paid for your activities as well as receive a packet of your itinerary with vouchers and/or tickets included. You can easily share this with the whole crew. From there, kick up your feet and enjoy the feeling of your Sunriver adventure being planned.

Plan your adventure today!

And, remember, many of our homes come with complimentary SHARC passes. Swim and play to your hearts content in Sunriver! Also, when you stay with Village Properties at Sunriver, enjoy discounts and perks to local businesses. We have partnered with lots of fun recreational activities as well as restaurants to offer you, our valued guest, fun extras while you’re here.

Day Trip – Hike the Fall River Trail

Are you looking for a hike that is close to Sunriver? Perhaps you need a trail that is kid-friendly. Then this is the hike you are looking for. The Fall River Trail is great for those of all skill levels.

I recently walked this trail with my 4 year old and 4 month old sons. My 4 year old strapped on his helmet, hopped onto his Strider bike and cruised on down the trail, no problem. We fell behind a bit, as I unfolded the stroller and secured the car seat in, but easily caught up once moving. The well-maintained trail is quite easy with a stroller. Take note that as you begin descending, the trail feels a bit narrow and slightly slanted (while pushing a stroller). Don’t let that scare you away, however, the rest is very doable.

To get here, drive out of Sunriver and, at the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto S. Century Drive. Turn left onto S. Century Drive after .6 miles. After 3.1 miles, turn right to stay on S. Century Drive. Drive up this road for 7.8 miles and you will see a parking area on the left. Park here and you will see the trail to the right of the parking area. It’s quite easy to find and so worth it!

Once you park, you’ll notice a winding and strikingly clear river below. This is the Fall River. It’s breathtaking in its beauty and temperature. This is not the water you’ll want to jump into on a hot summer day, but it is sure lovely to look at.

Fall River Trail - Sunriver OregonAs you weave along the trail, you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and smells of the red bark on the toweringPonderosas all around you, hear the birds chirping and the squirrels rattling the leaves as they race each other through the forest. If you are lucky, you may even spot a deer along the trail. The trail does parallel the highway in some spots, but it is far enough away that the occasional car does not intrude on your nature experience.

Fall River Trail - Sunriver OregonRemember your snacks or pack a picnic. There are some off-shoots of the trail that lead to the river banks with some flat dry areas for sitting and enjoying the sound of the water streaming by. If your young ones want an additional challenge, give them a list of treasures to find.

Our list went as follows:

  • A full pinecone
  • An eaten pinecone
  • A stick with a purpose (a walking stick, or one that resembles a wand or a sword… pretty easy, eh?)
  • A stick with moss attached
  • A smooth rock
  • A lava rock
  • Trash x 3
note: Here’s some good news. We couldn’t find a single piece of trash. We brought the amount to find down to 1 to make it easier. Still nothing. We ended up tossing a wrapper from our snacks next to us so that our son felt like he completed the list. (Don’t tell him!)
  • BONUS: A deer (we were not fortunate enough to spot one on this outing)

Overall, this was such a nice hike. It even rained on us a bit, but we didn’t mind. We felt sheltered by the forest and revitalized by our hike and time together.
If you are planning a trip to Central Oregon soon, be sure to check out our list of vacation rentals. From any of these, you’ll be close to this trail and SO much more!

Kid-Friendly (and Educational) Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory

Are you looking for an educational and kid-friendly adventure for your Sunriver vacation? We recommend visiting the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory, an independent nonprofit organization offering education on the natural world surrounding Sunriver. Two entities in one location, the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory offer classes and activities for all ages.

The Nature Center

The Sunriver Nature Center offers hands-on activities and exhibits that will keep the kiddos engaged and yearning to learn more. Take a walk along the Sam Osgood Nature Trail, learning about the surrounding forest and wetlands. You may walk the trail yourself or choose a guided tour. Visit exhibits and see amphibians and snakes close up, or view the impressive birds of prey that reside at the nature center. Check out Exploration Ridge, the Cosmic Crater or crawl on through creature cave. The options are endless. Knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer your questions about local wildlife.

Hours and activities vary based on the season. Be sure to check out their website or give them a call to make sure you get the best experience.­

The Observatory

For those that like to look up at the stars more than at the Earth around them, the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver is a fantastic activity. Visit the observatory on a clear summer night and watch the roof disappear, giving you access to the largest collection of telescopes open to the public viewing, in the United States. The elevation in Sunriver provides the perfect environment for stargazing. With our skies that are void of light pollution and our clean air, the views are like nowhere else!

The Observatory has day and night viewing options. See distant galaxies or a meteor shower at night or view the sun through a filtered telescope for an incredible and safe view. Spring break hours (Mar 24-April1) are 8pm – 10pm on March 24, 28 and 31. Solar viewing is available 11am-2pm every day through spring break dates.

Top off your family vacation with a trip to the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory for a truly educational experience (we won’t tell the kids).

Need a place to stay?

Village Properties at Sunriver would be happy to help you find a vacation rental for your visit. We offer many benefits, from discounts at local businesses, free SHARC passes in many homes and MUCH more!


Find the Perfect Vacation Rental in Sunriver

How do I know which house is best for my vacation? Here are the top 5 tips on searching for and choosing the perfect home for your crew.

  1. Group size: Choose how many will be staying in the home with you. Most homes have an occupancy of anywhere from 4 all the way up to 14 or more. This is an important place to start to be sure the size of the home is ideal. Even with enough space for all to sleep, there may not be enough private spaces for your family to be comfortable. With that, make sure to not only specify how many people are with you on vacation, but also choose the number of rooms you’ll be comfortable with.
  2. Consider location: In Sunriver, there are lots of options. Do you want to be near or on the river? Is being close to the village or the pool important to you? Or, does your group prefer to be outside of all the hubbub of Sunriver. The Village Properties collection of homes has a location for everyone’s preference.
  3. Dog-loving: Be sure to search for a pet friendly home if you want to bring your fur friend. Don’t leave Fido at home. There’s too much fun stuff for him to do here in Sunriver!
  4. Hot-tub: Many Sunriver homes have a hot tub, but not all. This is an especially nice item to have after a long day of adventuring. Choose a home with a hot tub and sink into the relaxation of a hot soak after a long day of swimming, skiing or biking the many miles of paths in the area.
  5. Price: Consider price. Booking a home directly through Village Properties at Sunriver is the best option. There are no hidden fees, we’re transparent with our pricing and we offer the best value for the home you choose. Many third party sites charge fees that are not involved when you book your home through us.
  6. Plan your activities: Once your home is booked, it’s time to think about the activities. Perhaps dad wants to experience a fly-fishing tour, or the kids want to experience the trampoline park or rock gym. At the end of the day, maybe mom wants to sink into a massage. Plan, book and pay for all of your activities in one place with Village Properties at Sunriver. We know that a vacation in Sunriver means endless adventure. Be sure to check out the local discounts you get just by being our guest here.

BONUS: What is the very best way to find the perfect home? Let us do the work. Call one of our Sunriver experts today. Our staff not only knows our homes and which ones include which amenities, they also know the area. We are local to Sunriver and we know the endless adventures that the area has to offer better than any Internet search. Let us know what is important to you and we’ll get back to you with some perfect home options!

Will you be taking a vacation in Sunriver this summer? It’s important to book today to lock in the lowest rates and to get the widest variety.