3 Important Benefits of Having a Long-Term Rental

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Village Properties knows that owning a home can be pretty beneficial, but did you know that having a long-term rental can seem daunting to many. We have come up with three significant benefits of owning a long-term rental. When you use our long-term rental team, we will share some of our secrets with you. Let’s look below at those three benefits of having a long-term rental in the area.

Market Changes

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One of the best benefits that we have seen this year is how quickly the market can change. Right now, is the perfect time to purchase a home as you may require a 2nd home in the area. With that said, allowing Village Properties to assist you in making that home into a long-term rental for you. As the market continues to grow, property values will continue to increase. This, in turn, means that rental prices could go up, which means that your long-term rental will appreciate over time.

Plan for Retirement

Another benefit of putting your home into our long-term rental program is getting to plan for retirement. With a steady flow of income from your rental, you will be able to pay off debt more quickly and save for retirement. Many people these days don’t see the return on the investment of owning a second home and renting it out longer than one year, but we do. We want to see you succeed as a homeowner and be able to retire and not work forever.


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We wanted to share the last one with you as an appreciation that goes hand in hand with a consistent rental income. We want to make sure that your home continues to appreciate and having a renter in your home will help do that. By allowing us to be your property management team, we will continue to watch over your home, and if any repairs need to be done, we’ll be sure to let you know.

While there are many other reasons why having a long-term rental is essential and the benefits you’ll reap from it, we wanted to share these. If you are still thinking about placing your home up for long-term rental, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program!

3 Reasons Why Property Wellness Checks are Needed

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Are you a homeowner with a property that you’d love to enroll in our long-term rental program? Do you have questions about a property wellness check and why you need one? We at Village Properties have the answers to those questions, and we thought that now is the perfect time to share them with you. We know that making sure your home is well taken care of and doing wellness checks will help save you money in the long run.

Condition of Your Property

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Like your personal home, you want to make sure that your property, whether it has tenants in it or is vacant, is well taken care of. When you allow us at Village Properties to handle the maintenance of your long-term rental, we will ensure that your home is properly cared for. That includes periodic checks on your home to ensure that any issues are taken care of promptly. Doing so will save you time from coming and checking on your rental and money, as we will make sure any repairs are taken care of. No need to worry about it and let the professionals take control.

Smoke Detectors

Another excellent reason property wellness checks are needed to ensure that all your smoke detectors are in working order. You never know when you will need them, so making sure they perform is necessary. We do everything from checking their expiration dates to changing the essential batteries. If any rooms don’t have alarms in them, we will make sure to alert you, and we can also install them for you.

Heating & Cooling

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One of the benefits of having us handle your long-term rental is making sure that the heating and cooling part of your home is working correctly. If you notice that your heat is not working correctly during the colder months, it could lead to frozen pipes or unhappy tenants. We will notify the property owner and handle any issues that could prevent your home from being rented. We know that having a rental home is a luxury for many but having to make costly repairs is not fun. Don’t worry about your home or vacant home being neglected as we will look after it as it was our own home.

There are many more benefits as to why property wellness checks are needed on your long-term rental, and we needed to share these with you. If you consider using us as your property management team, give us a call today. We look forward to discussing these wellness checks with you at any time of the year!

Why It’s Important to Have a Licensed Property Manager for Your Long-Term Rental Property

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For many homeowners, when you have a long-term rental property, finding the perfect property manager may seem daunting. But what about if that property manager wasn’t doing everything, they could help take care of your property? Would that make you uncomfortable to let the management company take over your property? These are all valid questions that we often get asked with Village Properties, and we are here to answer these for you.

What Does a Property Manager Do?

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You may have seen other property management companies that say they have an outstanding property manager, but are they? We at Village Properties are a rental property management team that cares for our clients and their properties. We take pride in having a licensed property manager who keeps up with everything, including the laws and codes. Our property manager, Justin, is one of those licensed property managers we can’t recommend enough. He continues to further his education yearly to ensure that your property is up to date on all the current and new laws. We don’t want to see you have to pay out of pocket for something that your property manager could have easily rectified by knowing the tenant-landlord law.

When Should You Hire a Property Management Company?

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This is another question that our prospected property owners and we have to say that you will know when the time comes. Rather than worrying about all the tenant-landlord laws, how to keep each property separate, or staying hands-on can be a handful, let our Long-Term rental team take over. A few things to consider when it’s time to hire a property management team are:

  • You have more than one property – we have noticed that the more properties you own, the harder it can be to manage it yourself.
  • Not living near your long-term rental property – depending on where you may be living in the country; you may not be close to a quick drive to your property. This, in turn, can lead to costly trips to see if something needs to be fixed or checked on more than once a year.
  • Your time is limited – this can go hand in hand with not living near your rental property and can take more time out of your day to handle anything that needs to be done with the property.

We at Village Properties are here to help you make that hard decision by allowing us to take over your rental property and manage it for you. Taking time off work to go to manage your property on your own can be not only time-consuming but also costly. Rather than worrying about your property, allow us to do that for you. If you’re ready to start with our long-term rental team today to manage your property, give us a call today!

Why is the Long-Term Rental Program Right for You?

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One of the biggest questions that we often get asked is why the long-term rental program may be the correct answer for you. We at Village Properties work hard on finding the proper placement to rent your home. We look at many different options for each person wanting to rent a long-term home, and we hope that you’ll allow us to help you out. Let’s look at some of the biggest reasons why using Village Properties to find your next tenant for your rental property.

High Demand for Homes

Right now, the demand is high for homes in our area and those who are looking to rent a property. Instead of you, the homeowner to work long, hard hours finding a tenant, we at Village Properties take care of that for you. As many new people are looking to make our area their home and may not be ready to purchase their own home yet, renting long-term is a better option.

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Low Inventory for Homes in the Area

The demand is high, and right now, the inventory for the area is extremely low. We know that finding the perfect person may be a little difficult but leave it up to our experts ready for that challenge. As more and more people discover Sunriver, they look forward to making it their residence too. Instead of wondering if you can find an excellent fit for your rental property, allow us at Village Properties to do that for you. We do everything we can to get the perfect person or family into your home that will rent for at least 12 months.

While there are many other factors to using Village Properties Long-Term Rental Program, these are a few that we wanted to share with you. As the demand for homes continues to rise, it also means that rent prices will continue to. We hope that you will allow us and our expert team to work on finding the perfect fit for your rental home in the Sunriver area this year!

How Village Properties Can Help You Find a Long-Term Renter for your Property

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We at Village Properties have often been asked how we can help find long-term renters for your property. We take pride in finding the perfect person or family that will take care of your home like it was their own. We have come up with a few ways to help you find long-term renters for you without the hassle of doing it yourself. Let’s look below at a few reasons for how we do it.


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One of the main ways to help you find long-term renters is by advertising or word of mouth. We know that you take a lot of pride in your home here in the Sunriver area. But finding those who want to rent long-term might seem a little challenging to many homeowners. We take the hard work out for you and your property, and we get to work. We will not only advertise on our site, but we also have agents who will work for you.

Qualify Your Renters

Another way that we find the best renters for your long-term property is we qualify them. We know that your home is vital, and finding that perfect tenant may seem daunting, but we take care of it all. We ask each person looking to rent a house for longer than 12 months to qualify specific questions. We know that finding a renter who can’t afford the home will not be a good fit. We instead ask very detailed questions to help find them the perfect house too.

While we do a few other things to help find your long-term renter, we wanted to share these. If you are still on the fence about putting your home up as a long-term rental, one of our agents would be more than happy to help you. We hope you will consider us at Village Properties to help find the perfect fit for your home.

Benefits of Joining our Long-Term Program

Owning a home here in the Sunriver area is a great thing, especially if you’re interested in joining our Long-Term Rental Program. At Village Properties at Sunriver, we take pride in how we take care of your long-term rental like it was our own. We understand that it may seem a little intimidating at first, but once you get to know our team and how our program works, it’s easy peasy. Let’s look below at a few of the benefits of joining our long-term program today.


Great Reputation – We have a proven track record of providing the best customer service to not only you as the homeowner but to your tenants too.

Locals – Another reason that we want to provide to you is we are all locals. Not only do we work here in Sunriver, but we have homes here too.

Advertising – One of the main benefits of using us as your long-term property management is your long-term rental will be listed on top sites for free!

24 Hour Maintenance Team – We provide in-house housekeepers and a maintenance team to help get your home rented more quickly.

Personal Touch – Having the knowledge of our specialists that will help advertise and show your property will allow you to have a tenant more quickly.

Benefits of Having a Long-Term Rental

Another question that we get asked often is what the benefits of are having a long-term rental. One of the reasons for having a long-term rental in the area is that you don’t have to worry about placing your home on the market. When you have a long-term rental, you will have a tenant in there for at least a year which means that they are helping you take care of your financial part of the home. Allowing us at Village Properties at Sunriver to worry for you so you can live your life in peace and know your home is taken care of.

While there are other benefits to joining our long-term rental program, these are a few things we wanted to mention. If you are still interested in learning a little more about our program, give us a call today. We can’t wait to talk to you as you make that decision to enroll your Sunriver home into our long-term program!

Meet Our Long-Term Rental Team at Village Properties at Sunriver

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Have you wondered what it might be like to live in a destination that some only dream of taking a vacation to? At Village Properties, we turn those dreams into reality with our long-term rentals division, specializing in 12-month residential leases in the Sunriver, Oregon area! Our expert property management team makes sure that your leasing process goes as smoothly as possible, and that you’re totally satisfied for the duration of your stay. Whether you’re a first-time resident or have been leasing from Village Properties for years, we strive to make sure that each of our tenants is satisfied with their experience. Let’s look below and meet our long-term rental team and a little about how we can help you with finding the perfect lease today.

Meet the Team

Our team at Village Properties at Sunriver is made up of 3 amazing people, and they have made such a significant impact with the long-term rental team. They, just like you, want you to be happy about allowing us to manage your lease. Here is a little more information on each of the team members below.

Justin Lovejoy – Broker/Property Manager

picture of Justin Lovejoy

Justin came to us back in 2018 after having several years of experience in multi-family property management. He is an Oregon licensed Real Estate Broker and has a wonderful passion for our clients and potential clients. His commitment shows in his work with every transaction he does. Justin wants to make the leasing process easy and fun for all!

Canda Kastel – Payroll & Human Resource Manager

Picture of Canda Kastel

Canda has been with us since 2010 as our long-term accountant here at Village Properties. She has 22 years of experience and has been an excellent fit for our team. Before she began focusing on bookkeeping, she became a Certified Professional Collection Specialist in 1994. Canda is also a sitting board member for the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals. With all of her knowledge she has been a great asset to our long-term rental team.

Roseana Lagunas – Leasing Specialist

Picture of Roseana Lagunas

Roseana recently joined our team, and we are so happy to have her with us as a Leasing Specialist after several years in property management. She has plenty of experience with accounts receivable and on-site management. When you first meet Roseana, the first thing you’ll notice is her bubbly personality!

Why Should You Use Village Properties at Sunriver?

One of the best things about using a well-established property management team is to make sure that your rental property is well taken care of, and that any maintenance issues are addressed quickly and to your satisfaction. Our 24-hour maintenance team is always on call and ready to respond to any issues that may arise during your lease. Beyond the maintenance team, the rest of our long-term rentals team is composed of Sunriver locals, so we know the area very well and can provide the best customer service.

There are so many other things that we could tell you about our team and why you should choose Village Properties at Sunriver as your leasing company, but we wanted to share these few things first. We are here to help you with all your long-term rental needs today.

Relocating to Central Oregon?

Have you dreamed of living where you vacation? Do you wonder how you will make such a leap happen? Do you see yourself relocating to Central Oregon? We can help! At Village Properties at Sunriver, we offer long-term rentals as well as real estate services. We have it all. Come for a week or two to feel the area out and stay in a well-stocked and cozy vacation home. Come for 6 months to find a home and secure employment and stay in one of our long-term rentals. Utilize one of our experienced and friendly real estate agents to help you find the perfect home or property for your future in Central Oregon.

Central Oregon has it all. In the winter moths, you can ski, snowboard, snowmobile, ice skate, and so much more. In the summer you have the option to float the river, paddle around some high mountain lakes, or go for hikes through the Deschutes National Forest. These are just a handful of the outdoor activities that you’ll find in the area. You will also find museums and art galleries, lots of shopping and dining and tons of great kid activities.

Not only will we help you plan your move, we can help you map out your weekend adventures. Whether here for a week, or living here for good, we’ve got a one-stop shop for your Central Oregon plans. No more cruising the web for hours trying to decide what the best activities for your visit or for your weekend will be. We’ve got the best of the best of local activities and adventures right here, in one place! Map out your itinerary AND pay for all of your activities and easily share all of your plans with your crew in on spot.
Call us today to learn how we can help your moving day become reality.