Why Sunriver Is Still The Perfect Location For Vacation During The COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 Village Properties at Sunriver Preparedness

It seems that everywhere you look, the news, social media, in-person conversation and the media, the topic on everyone’s mind is the COVID-19 (aka the Corona Virus). Village Properties at Sunriver has always held ourselves to the highest standard with regards of service, cleanliness, and safety of our guests, owners, and employees. As of this morning we have received our shipment of QT-TB, a cleaning solution approved by the EPA and states if “for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens and can be used during the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.” All of our vacation rental homes will be sanitized with the product and we have added it to our regular rental home and office cleaning routine. All of our guests can rest assure that your home has been cleaned and sanitized with EPA/CDC approved products and is ready for you to enjoy.

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Sunriver is still your perfect Spring Break destination!

Located in the high desert, in a sparsely populated town, Sunriver is still the perfect destination for you and your family to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities while continuing to follow the CDC guidelines of not gathering in large groups. Plus, you don’t need to board a plane to reach this vacation hot spot, just load up the car with your essentials and less than 3 hours later you’re here!

Now is the best time to save on your vacation!

As of this morning, Governor Brown has announced that all Oregon schools will be closed after today’s classes and returning on April 1st.  This means you have an extra week to make memories with your family and we want to help you make them. So we are extending our spring special beginning today through March 31st! When you use the promo code: SPRING20 at checkout you’ll get your 4th night free for stays between March 13th through March 31st!


Fun things to do with your extended Spring Break!

They don’t call Central Oregon an outdoor playground for nothing! Check out some of our suggestions to fill your days with adventure!

Star Gaze At The Cascade Lakes


Go Mountain Biking!
Go Hiking!

winter activities in sunriver
Go Spring Skiing!

Important information about SHARC

SHARC will be closed this weekend March13-15. The SHARC center will be closed to the public the weekend of March 14th-15th. The board members will gather on Monday to discuss next steps and possible later closures of the facility.
Earlier this morning we received a press release from SHARC stating the following:

The safety of our owners, and the public, is our primary focus and we are taking the governor’s recommendations very seriously,” said Hugh Palcic, SROA General Manager. Keith Mobley, president of SROA Board of Directors. “Facilities where large numbers of people gather deserve attention. SHARC is at the top of the list. For that, and other reasons, I am exercising my authority as president of the Sunriver Owners Association to order the temporary closure of that facility, until such time as the full board of directors may determine to be appropriate. Updates on SHARC and SROA operations will be posted, as available, on the SROA website at www.sunriverowners.org and Facebook.

In closing, have fun and be safe!

While there are varying opinions on what started the Corona Virus, most professionals agree that precautionary measures are a person’s best defense. Follow the CDC for daily updates on COVID-19 and take some common-sense approaches to wellness to help stay healthy.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • Discontinue the practice of shaking hands and perhaps opt to wave or elbow bump for a greeting.
  • Keep tissues on hand to cover coughs and/or sneezes, discarding following use.
  • Stay home if you are sick.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and nose.
  • Routinely disinfect items touched regularly (countertops, bathroom surfaces, personal cell phone, etc.).


Also, remember these important facts that have been stressed by the CDC.


  • With regard to COVID-19, reported illnesses vary greatly between mild and severe. Some people have had little to no reported symptoms while others have been severe. Currently, information gathered suggests that MOST COVID-19 illness is mild (only 16% of cases have serious illness).
  • Older people and those with underlying health conditions such as heart disease, lung disease and diabetes, to name a few, seem to be at a higher risk for serious illness.
  • The immediate risk of being exposed to the virus currently is thought to be low for the majority of folks.
  • The United States has not seen widespread circulation of COVID-19 in most communities at this time.


With no domestic travel restrictions at this time, plan that vacation and enjoy some time in your happy place, putting into practice these CDC-recommended tips for better health and wellness.


Again, this is an evolving situation. As you travel, take additional daily medications and over-the-counter meds you might need in case of a travel delay, and rely on CDC updates to stay well and safe.   Maybe it’s time for a relaxing getaway from all of the hustle and bustle!  We hope to see you soon!

Have fun out there and see you soon!

A Brand New On-Mountain Experience for – All Woodward at Mt. Bachelor

Woodward at Mt. Bachelor

If you or a loved one is heading to Mt. Bachelor as a beginner skier or snowboarder this year, we’ve got some great news for you! Mt. Bachelor introduced Woodward Mountain Park, a brand new on-mountain experience. An experiential action sports company, Woodward aims to help you grow in your sport regardless of your skill level or previous experience.  Set up as a network of terrain zones throughout Mt. Bachelor, you are able to choose your journey through an “artfully constructed progression-based design” as stated on Mt. Bachelors website.


The park is meant to help you grow as you build on your skills. If you’ve never been on skis or a snowboard, you’ll want to head over to Sunrise Lodge andWoodward Start Park play around at the Start Park. Here, you’ll have the chance to get used to the equipment and different types of terrain. With small slopes built to control speed while slowly guiding you to higher elevations, you’ll feel comfortable trying out your chosen snow sport for the first time. The even better news is that you can play at the Woodward Start Park for FREE! This includes the area just outside of the Sunrise Lodge rental shop as well as the First Rays carpet (pictured).

Once you feel comfortable and ready to move to the next level, the Woodward Progression Parks intuitively guide you to the next step in your learning adventure. Progression Park / raises the bar a bit with a longer run that you access via the Lava Tube conveyor carpet that is near the Start Park. This run includes some rollers, small mini pipes and more for you to test your skills before moving on. To access this area and many Woodward Park runs beyond the Start Park plan on paying only $39 online (or $49 if you buy the ticket on the mountain) for a Learning Progression lift ticket. With this ticket you have access to the Early Riser chairlift, Alpenglow and the Lava Tube carpet at Sunrise. You may also head over to the Little Pine chairlift at West Village with this one day pass. With this pass there is not a way to ride between the two lodges to access the West Village lift, but if you’d like to give that run a try there is a free Interlodge Shuttle available every day of the week.

If you’re an experienced rider and know that you will soak up the the amazing terrain that Mt. Bachelor has to offer all over the mountain, you’ll want to go big and get the full mountain pass. Regular single day tickets for full mountain access are $109 (online) or $119 (on-mountain). However, for beginners or those that are looking to get their feet into some bindings for a try, the Woodward Mountain Park is amazing option. Save money, ride terrain that feels comfortable and give yourself the space to learn at your own pace.

Visit the Mt. Bachelor site more information on the Woodward Mountain Park and for ticket pricing information.

Don’t Do A Wanderlust Tour Unless You’re Ready To Move To Central Oregon

HWY 97 Leaving Mt Hood National Forest
Leaving the Mt. Hood National Forest from HWY 97

I lived in Vancouver, WA and worked in Portland, OR for 14 years and had never experienced central Oregon. I was too busy exploring the Willamette Valley when one day my husband said to me “We should move to Bend!” After the shock had worn off and I had processed what he said, I was intrigued that my Vancouver born and bred husband wanted to move 200 miles away. I was a military brat as a child so moving wasn’t a scary idea to me. However, the only memory I had of Bend was 7 years earlier when my husband was miserably sick and I tried out snowboarding for the first time which meant I spent most of the day falling on my bottom and was very sore the next day. Thus, I had a very hard time being on board with the idea of moving.

Then, in January, my husband surprised me with a snow shoeing adventure from Wanderlust Tours. Snow shoeing

had been on my list of adventures I really wanted to do so I was extremely excited to go! Upon closer examination of my gift I noticed that Wanderlust Tours is in Bend, OR. Not only was I getting an adventure but we were going to

get the opportunity to explore Bend again! A few weeks went by and we hopped in the car and began our journey over Mt. Hood to Bend. There’s a moment of stark delineation between rain forest and high desert as you exit the Mt. Hood National Forest that’s jarring in an awe-inspiring way. We traveled from a mountainous, vibrant green, and dense forest under cloud cover into a sunny, cloudless, flat desert with actual tumbleweeds crossing the interstate. At this point, I was not convinced that moving was a good idea. However, as we got closer and closer to Bend the scenery began to change again. Buttes appeared in the distance, Smith Rock with its infamous Monkey Face ridge in the east and ponderosa pine trees peppered the view.

Monkey Face at Smith Rock
Monkey Face at Smith Rock

A sense of wonder and rugged adventure filled me as we pulled into the parking lot of Wanderlust Tours. We were greeted by friendly staff who helped us get fitted for snow shoes and had the opportunity to meander around the premises as we waited for the rest of our tour mates. When I asked if there was a water fountain to top off my water bottle, I was told that “Bend’s tap water is safe to drink.” I was skeptical of this statement but chose to fill my water bottle anyway and save a trip to the store (side note: I later found out that the statement is true and is actually one of the many things Bend takes pride in. It could also be the reason why the beer is so good). Once all our tour mates arrived, we piled into a van and made our way to Mt. Bachelor. Along the way the tour guide gave us lots of information about Bend, Mt. Bachelor, the local wildlife, etc. but I was distracted by the natural beauty of the route between Bend and Mt. Bachelor. The snow-covered hills and trees were so serene and unlike Mt. Hood, which you can see for miles as you approach, Mt. Bachelor is tucked behind a corner that makes the first vision of it spectacular. As you’re driving along you sense the rise in elevation but you don’t actually see Mt. Bachelor until you turn a corner and there he is in all his splendor. I remember saying to my husband “It looks like a post card!” It was at this point that I began to question if we could really live here. Could we make this our reality?


First glimpse of Mt. Bachelor from Century Drive

Our tour guide pulled into the parking lot and gave us safety instructions then our tour began. At first we moved like a search and rescue team, all spread out in a wide line but soon formed a single file as we realized that walking through the snow is much easier if you follow in someone else’s footsteps, namely our guide’s. He seemed unaffected by the elevation and snow pack and simply walk through the woods. If you’ve never done it, snowshoeing feels very similar to walking in the sand with the added bonus of never knowing how far deep in the snow your steps will plunge you. One minute your upright, next minute you’re trying not to do the splits. Soon we came to a clearing where the “brews and views” part of our “Shoes, Brews and Views” tour began. We got to know our tour mates a little better and enjoyed some local brews together in the middle of the Deschutes National Forest. On the way back from snowshoeing we talked with the tour guide about what it’s like to live in Bend and Central Oregon. From that conversation we could see the pure love he had for Bend and were a bit envious but also excited that we were actually considering moving.


The next day, we woke up to another beautiful sunny day with crisp mountain air that felt so cleansing to inhale.  This was a real treat since it was February and we were used to clouds and rain in the valley. On this day we decide to explore Bend a bit and went on a walk-about in the Old Mill district, Drake Park, Mirror Pond and traveled east to Brasada Ranch. This was the day I fell in love with Bend and Central Oregon.

For those of you that are wondering why we’d travel 20 miles east of Bend to Brasada Ranch, I’d like to say: “Excellent Question!” which I’ll answer for you now. On the second day of our trip my husband let me know that we were not only exploring Bend but also Brasada Ranch that day. Being the go-with-the-flow kind of gal I am, I said “Sounds good to me! But why?” to which he responded with “I have a job interview.” He got the job, I got one a month later and within two months, we became Bendites. It’s been 5 years since that day and we’ve never looked back. So, if you live elsewhere and you take a Wanderlust Tour while in Central Oregon be prepared to put your house on the market and move here. If you do move here call me and we’ll share a brew, views, and snow shoes. P.S. All Village Properties guests get a 10% discount on tours with Wanderlust Tours!

Shoe, Views, & Brews Tour from Wanderlust Tours
Taking a break during the Shoes, View, & Brews Tour from Wanderlust Tours Bend, OR

Christmas In Sunriver Is The Best!

Imagine a place nestled in the pine tree covered foothills of the Cascade mountains and where the days seem to meander in tranquil bliss like The Deschutes River. A place where stars sparkle like diamonds in the evening sky and dazzle your entire field of vision. That place is Sunriver, Oregon and it’s the best place to spend the holidays. In Sunriver we don’t dream of a white Christmas. We (almost) ALWAYS have a white Christmas and spreading Christmas cheer is the norm here. This is the place where you can actually go dashing through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh.

Where a Christmas tree lighting ceremony isn’t complete until the fireworks are set off. We host a contest to see which local business, elementary school class, and individual can make the best themed gingerbread and confection “lot” in their category called Gingerbread Junction.

From November to January, Sunriver transforms into a Winter Wonderland with more inches of snow in town than most of Central Oregon. This 2-month long celebration is called ‘Traditions’ because that’s what it is. It’s the tradition of creating memories to last a lifetime and it’s exactly what the holiday are all about: being with your loved ones, stopping to appreciate each other and being thankful for your many blessings. Being here is evokes the feeling of not wanting time to move on, to relish in the quiet, slow pace of life and to fill your lungs with the crisp mountain air.

Sunriver is where you come to unplug, to remove yourself from the chaos of the everyday and to play. Here, we embrace play whole heartedly and have even placed our ice skating and tubing areas are right in the center of town. Plus we have over 30 miles of trails to walk or fat tire bike through. For traditional holiday fun there’s Santa’s Wokshop at The Great Hall, Brunch with Santa, kids ornament and gift making, cookie decorating, and so much more. If a little more adventure is on the play-list then Mt. Bachelor is only a 25-minute drive away. At the mountain you’ll find endless activities to excite you such as dog sled rides, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, tubing, and of course ski or snowboarding.

If you’ve decided to join us for Christmas here are some ideas of how to spend your time.


Christmas Eve/Day Activities

Meet, greet, and pet real reindeer at Camp Abbot Trading Post
Get in the holiday spirit, Central Oregon style by grabbing the family and hitting the slopes at Mt. Bachelor’s Santa On The Slopes celebration! 
Go for a ride in a one-horse open sleigh




Head outside and build a snowman together, make snow angels or challenge each other to a friendly snowball fight.



Snuggle up next to the fire and play board games, sip cocoa, and enjoy a moment of family fun.


Go to the movies! Treat your family to some reimagine nostalgia and check out the Mary Poppins Returns. Check out the trailer here.

Come to Sunriver in the “off-season” and save BIG!

Sunriver is typically quite busy during the warm summer months where people come to float the river, golf, fish and so much more. The area is also highly visited during the winter when snow sports are the attraction. But, did you know that Fall is not only a beautiful time in the area, but it is also a great time to visit so that you can save big? You won’t only save on money; you’ll save time and perhaps some headaches! Here are some reasons to visit this fall:


  1. Save on hospitality: It’s a well-known fact that whether you choose a hotel room or a vacation home, the low-seasons are going to be less money during the off seasons. You will enjoy lower nightly rates on your vacation rental in the fall than if you were to visit in the busy summer months or winter holidays (known as peak seasons).


  1. Save on recreation: You won’t only save on housing, but also on recreational activities. If you golf, you’ll find that most of the local golf courses offer a lower rate in the fall. This goes for SHARC access as well. The popular swimming and recreation center offers Winter rates from Sept 4, through the spring, though if you choose the right Village Properties home, you will receive passes free with your rental! The High Desert Museum, the Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory plus many more local places also offer lower rates in the Fall/Winter season.


  1. Less people, less wait: While visiting any destination during their peak seasons, you will experience more people, more lines, more difficulty making reservations, etc. Save the headache and visit while the crowds are non-existent. Be the first in line, be one of the few tables at the restaurant, spend more time together having fun rather than waiting and fighting crowds.


  1. Easier traveling: Whether you are flying or driving, you’ll experience less stressful or perhaps a completely stress-free travel. As you know, if you were to drive over during a busy 3-day weekend, the roads would be full or cars. Head over while everyone else is working or in school and experience open roads (or security lines).


  1. Soak it up: After reading all of this, you can see that there are lots of reasons to come to Sunriver during the fall.  After a full day of fun outdoor activities you can spend the evening enjoying the crisp, clear fall nights stargazing from your deck or soaking in a hot tub.


  1. Fall splendor in Central Oregon: As mentioned above, this area is beautiful during the fall. We’ve also compiled some really great hikes and floats to do in the fall months.




Plus, while staying with Village Properties at Sunriver save even more on select recreational activities, dining and more. Check our the savings here.

Pumpkin Patches, Haunted Houses, Corn Mazes and More in Central Oregon

Fall is such a beautiful time to visit Central Oregon! The air is cool, clean and crisp. The leaves are changing from green to rainbow and the pumpkins are ready for picking. If you love fall, Halloween and all things October, we have your list of Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, corn mazes and more in Central Oregon.


Scaregrounds Haunted Houses

As for Haunted Houses, Redmond is home to the best around; the Scaregrounds Haunted Houses. The Scaregrounds provides THREE Haunted houses in one location. You can choose to do one ($15), two ($25) or all three ($35), and they are all “very scary”.  This attraction is open various dates throughout October and you can purchase tickets online. Recommended for ages 12 and over, there are “Chicken Exits” located throughout each haunt, but we think you can make it all the way through!

The Village at Sunriver

If you find yourself staying at one of our vacation rentals over Halloween, take the kids over to the Village at Sunriver for Spooktacular fun on Halloween. Kids are able to walk between the shops in the village for a traditional trick or treating experience as well as enter the annual costume contest, bounce the night away in bounce houses located at the Pavilion, join in the cupcake walk and more! The event starts at 4pm on Halloween and ends at 6pm and is free of charge.

Pumpkin Patches & Family Fun

Smith Rock Ranch

Pick a pumpkin and get lost in towering corn stalks at Smith Rock Ranch. The first reason to visit this ranch is to witness the views. There are so many places in Central Oregon that feel like you are literally sitting, walking, driving or biking in a postcard. This is one of those. As you stroll through pumpkin fields searching for that perfect shape to become your Jack-O-Lantern, be sure to look up every once in a while. On one side you will see Smith Rock towering beneath a large blue sky and on the other side you will see the Cascade mountains in all of their glory. Be sure to bring your camera to get scenic pictures and even plan on some family photos here.

Smith Rock Ranch not only offers a giant field of pumpkins to choose from with breathtaking views, you will also be able to enjoy the ever-changing and intricately designed corn “Maize”. The 2018 theme is CARS. You’ll truly want to plan your day around this outing because there are even more activities that are offered here such as:


  1. Harvest market with wonderful produce for sale
  2. Petting zoo
  3. Barnyard Golf
  4. Pumpkin Cannons (yes you shoot pumpkins out of a cannon, it’s rad!)
  5. Zoo Train
  6. Hay Maze
  7. Pony and Wagon rides
  8. Face Painting
  9. A dog park
  10. Live music
  11. Food vendors.


Be sure to check the hours of operation for the ranch and for all of the activities because grabbing a pumpkin and produce is open most days, but activists are only open on weekends.

DD Ranch

Another option for picking your own pumpkin and making a day of it is at DD Ranch in Terrebonne. This ranch is similar with amazing views, hay rides, a petting zoo and so much more. There may not be a corn maze, but this ranch has a “Cowboy Arcade” offering an Air Soft Range, an Archery Range and a Giant Sling Shot Range.


Fall Golfing in Central Oregon

Cooler weather and shorter days do not mean that your golf game has to be called off. In fact, Central Oregon in the fall is perfect for hitting the links and the rates are just right! Take a peak at 4 of our favorite courses and be sure to take advantage of the splendor each course has to offer.


Widgi Creek is a perfectly maintained, challenging and scenic course. The fairways are lined with trees and the greens are expansive with one of the longest Par 5’s in the country. The prices at Widgi Creek are just right for your fall golfing excursion:


September 17 thru October 14:
Prime time (Before 2pm) $49 for 18 holes or $40 for 9 holes

Twilight (2pm to close) $29 for 18 holes


PLUS: Guests of Village Properties at Sunriver will receive a 25% discount with a voucher from us. Call our office for more information.


Lost Tracks Golf Club offers 7,000 yards of magnificent views along with some challenging golf. This course is bordered by national forest and gives the feeling of quiet seclusion yet located on the south end of Bend.


October 8 thru November 4:

18 holes for $42 or $30 for 9 holes

Twilight (3pm to close) $35

Additional charges apply for a golf cart. The course offers even lower rates from November 5th thru close.


PLUS: Guests of Village Properties at Sunriver will receive a 10% discount.


River’s Edge offers a unique golf experience with views of the Cascades and the Deschutes River. Play their signature hole 6 (a par 4) with an approach shot to an elevated green that includes a pond with a 25-foot waterfall!


September 4 thru October 28:

18 holes for $47 or $31 for 9 holes

Twilight $30

Additional charges apply for a golf cart. The course offers even lower rates from October 29th thru March 28th in their “Winter Season”.


PLUS: Guests of Village Properties at Sunriver will receive a 10% discount.


Quail Run Golf Course, located south of Sunriver in La Pine is a beautifully maintained course with panoramic views of the Cascade mountains. Enjoy this resort quality course without resort pricing.


October 1 thru December 31

18 holes for $42 or $25 for 9 holes

Twilight (after 1pm and up to 18 holes) $25

Additional charges apply for a golf cart.


PLUS: Guests of Village Properties at Sunriver will receive a 10% discount.For all Village Properties at Sunriver partner discount information, check here.





Try the Cycle Pub!

Are you traveling with a large group and looking for an activity? We’ve got an idea right here for you. Biking and beer; what more could encompass the Central Oregon lifestyle? For one experience that provides both activities, try the Bend Cyclepub through The Bend Tour Company.

This is a great way to see Bend, stop at different breweries throughout the city or perhaps just get out in the fresh mountain air with friends. The Big Bike will accommodate up to 14 riders. This includes 10 pedaling seats, 2 passive bike seats and a bench for two more riders in the back. Your whole group, including riders as young as 12 years old, can hop on this bike to explore Bend. Do you have more than 14 people that would like to go? No problem, the company offers a Small Bike tour that can launch at the same time as the Big Bike tour. The Small Bikes require a minimum of 4 riders and can carry up to 6.

All tours are 2 hours long and make a lap around Bend, stopping at Silver Moon Brewing (a sponsor for the bikes). Take some time just before you head out on your tour to talk with your guide and map your outing. There are different stop options that you can choose from, or just keep pedaling for your tour to see as much as you can. Perhaps (if all cyclists are over 21) use this as a chance to hit some stops on the Bend Ale Trail.

The Bend Tour Company requests that your entire group arrives 10-15 minutes early to ensure plenty of time to get everyone checked in and on the bike for launch time.

Be sure to plan ahead, make your reservations online and enjoy the ride. You will have a professional Bike Pilot, enjoy great music and sights of the area. We hope that you are able to get out there and experience this one-of-a-kind activity while here in Central Oregon.

Have a great time!


Fall Adventures at Mt. Bachelor

If you will be spending a weekend in Central Oregon this fall, don’t think that Mt. Bachelor is off limits as a destination. There are many fall adventures at Mt. Bachelor to be had. Before the snow flies and the snowboards and skis get waxed, enjoy some spectacular views, play some disc golf or race down the hill on a bike at Mt. Bachelor this fall.

Scenic Chair Lift Rides and Hiking:

These are available from 11am to 5pm Friday through Sunday. Begin at the West Village base area, your ride will take you up to the Pine Marten Lodge at 7,775 feet. You will be able to soak up views of the Three Sisters peaks, Broken Top and many of the Cascade Lakes. From the top you can hike trails on the mountain and even grab lunch, snacks and beverages inside the Pine Marten Lodge. Prices vary from $14 – $20 based on age. Mt. Bachelor’s operating schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions and other factors. Be sure to check their conditions report before you go. If you choose to hike, be sure you’ve got all the necessary equipment and maps. You can find more information about Mt. Bachelor hiking here.

Disc Golf:

To play this course, you’ll have to suffer through the breathtaking views to be seen from the Pine Marten chair lift. From the top of the lift, you will find hole #1 and from there, you work your way down the mountain to hole #18. Experience your favorite ski runs in the summer time as you play your favorite game on Mt. Bachelor! A lift ticket pass is required to ride the lift and play disc golf. Prices are above, or can be found here.

Mountain Biking:

13 miles of downhill trails are at your fingertips from the Mt. Bachelor lifts. The Sunshine Accelerator lift is great for beginners and up. The Pine Marten Express will lead you to a combination of machine built and single track trails for intermediate to advanced riders. You may choose to buy a ticket for the Sunshine Bike Park alone ($19) or a ticket for the whole mountain ($29 for 12 and under or $42 for 13+). In the fall (September 4th – October 7th) the lifts and parks are open from 11am to 5pm Friday – Sunday, so plan accordingly. As mentioned above, be sure to double check the Mt. Bachelor conditions to ensure that everything is up and running for your planned day of adventure.

Happy Hours in Sunriver

Family vacations are the best. But even on vacation, we could all use a little break.

If you can find an hour or two to break away for a money-saving afternoon treat, we’ve got the list for you of the best happy hours in Sunriver!

El Caporal

Located at: 57100 Beaver Drive

For traditional and quality Mexican dishes and a great selection of tasty margaritas right in the Village at Sunriver, visit El Caporal. For a happy hour treat, grab any appetizer for $1 off from 3pm – 6pm any day of the week. After a long day of floating the river and riding the trails, nothing beats a cold margarita and a plate of nachos!

Hola! Sunriver

Located at: 57235 Deschutes Rd.

Margaritas and salsa on the river! Right next to the Sunriver Resort Marina, you’ll find Hola!, a Mexican-Peruvian restaurant, offering happy hour deals from 3pm-6pm, Monday – Friday. Grab one of their tasty margaritas or mojitos and get $2 off, or receive $1 off beer and $3 off all appetizers. I recommend the Ceviche for a cool and appetizing snack. Or, the Guacamole Fresco for a show right at your table followed by some darn good guacamole.  Saving money while sipping on a cold beverage with a breathtaking view = Heaven on Earth!

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana

Located at: 57031 Ponderosa Rd.

This cozy and authentic Italian restaurant offers a full bar, wine and beer, plus mouth-watering appetizers of all kinds. Visit between 4pm and 6pm on any day of the week and you’ll receive $5 well drinks, $5 local beers and house wines or $3 for a bottled beer. Also, receive $2 off any appetizer. The Cheesy Garlic Bread is never lacking in cheese and the Gnocchi is tasty and so appetizing! In addition to these great deals, and, as a guest of Village Properties at Sunriver, Marcello’s will offer a 10% discount on regular menu items when you show your Village Properties key tag.

Twisted River Tavern

Located at: 17600 Center Drive

Hop over to the Sunriver Resort’s lodge to enjoy a view of the mountains and the Meadows Golf Course while sipping a cool cocktail and noshing some tasty treats. Visit the newly remodeled and rebranded tavern between 3:30pm and 5pm any day of the week and receive a signature appetizer for only $3 – $6! Order a cool beverage for anywhere between $3.50 and $5. The flavors, and the views, will not disappoint.

Village Bar & Grill

Located at: 57100 Beaver Drive, Building #7

In the heart of The Village, you will not have to travel far to receive some traditional American cuisine. Offering a full bar and a wide selection of micro and domestic beers, you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. Visit any day of the week from 3pm – 6pm and receive $1 off cocktails, $5 house wines, $4 micro brews or $2.50 domestic brews. If you’d like some great food to go with your refreshing beverage, you’ll receive $2 off any appetizer. Grab a basket of fries, some sliders and a couple of beers and you’ll fulfill that afternoon hankering! And, as a guest of Village Properties at Sunriver, the Village Bar and Grill will offer a 15% discount on regular menu items when you show your Village Properties key tag.

The Wallow Bar & Grill

Located at: 17363 Spring River Road

Head out of the Sunriver common area, across the Deschutes River and you’ll find the Spring River Plaza where the Wallow Bar & Grill sits, off the beaten path. Visit the restaurant and enjoy their beautiful patio between 4pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday to receive some great deals on some of their delicious appetizers and beverages. Domestic beers for only $2.75 or micro brews for $3.75, or enjoy a well drink for only $3.75. Pair your drink choice with an afternoon snack of the Wallow Signature Wings, some Spinach Artichoke and Roasted Poblano Dip, or my favorite, the Locked and Loaded Fries. These are just a few of the options that are offered at a discount for Happy Hour at this laid-back and easy-to-get-to location.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of our best happy hours in Sunriver. Do you have a favorite dish or drink at one of these happy hours in Sunriver – or another – venue that we haven’t listed? We’re all ears.