Our Favorite Swimming Spots In Central Oregon

Swimming is an all-time favorite summer pastime as is exploring the beautiful outdoor areas of different locations that you visit. With this, we wanted to let you in on some local swimming holes that are fun to visit for the whole family.

Floating The Deschutes River in Sunriver

The Deschutes River in Sunriver is a popular choice for locals and vacationers alike to float, kayak, or paddle!

With 95 miles of river, the Deschutes has something for everyone. Floating the river is an extremely popular activity during the summer months. Check out this blog for our favorite Deschutes River floats!

Twin Lakes Resort

Located on the shores of south Twin Lake this favorite swimming spot offers so many water activities that’s sure to please your entire group! If you didn’t haul your own kayak or paddleboard up, you can find one to rent at this resort. After a paddle around the lake, hop into the resort’s restaurant for some lakeside dining (currently open for take out only. There are several picnic areas nearby for your take out orders to be enjoyed). South Twin Lake has a surface area of 99 acres and an average depth of 33 feet. Another perk of this smaller lake is that motorized watercraft are not permitted, making it a more peaceful mountain lake experience.

Directions: Head West on S Century Drive towards the Cascade Lakes Highway. Drive several miles until you see the brown signs for Twin Lakes Resort (on the right-hand side of the road) and take a left. This will take you to Rd 4260. Head down that road until you see the sign for the resort on the left.

Cultus Lake

This large and breathtaking mountain lake is an experience you won’t want to miss. The resort here also rents out several kinds of boat options for you to experience. Or, you can head to the day use area and play in the shallow water at the beach there. The depths of the lake can be cooler and feel wonderful on a hot day. But the day use area provides a safer and warmer area if you have younger children to entertain. Cultus Lake Resort provides another opportunity for some lakeside dining. They are currently offering take out as well as outdoor seating options. The surface area of this large mountain lake is 1,145.7 acres with a maximum depth of 211 feet.

Directions: To get to Cultus Lake, head up S Century Drive, but stay straight on Spring River Rd until you get to Upper Deschutes Rd (NF-40), leading you up to the Cascade Lakes Highway. Turn left on the Highway at the stop sign and you’ll see the signs to Cultus Lake on your right.

Elk Lake

This is a beautiful, bright blue and green lake and so worth the views. You may visit the resort for another chance to rent a kayak, paddleboard a day dock (pictured. P.S. the day docks are mobile and do float the lake) or more! Also at the resort, you will find a store and restaurant/bar. Or, check out one of their day use beaches for some great swimming and family beach time. Elk Lake has a surface area of 405 acres and a maximum depth of 192 feet.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss the Music On The Water series this summer featuring live bands playing at Elk Lake every Saturday evening! It’s the perfect way to cap off your day on the lake!

Directions: From Sunriver, follow the same route you would to get to Cultus Lake, but at the stop sign at the Cascade Lakes Highway, take a right. Elk Lake will be a ways down the highway (towards Bend), on the right-hand side.

Paulina Plunge

For an entirely different kind of water adventure, check out the Paulina Plunge. This tour offers a family-friendly mountain biking adventure the whole family will enjoy. Broken up into four 1.5 mile bike rides—and interspersed with swimming adventures—this beginner bike ride is perfect for nearly all ages.

Accessible via fat tire mountain bikes, visitors will descend more than 2,000 feet as part of a guided mountain bike tour to the Paulina Plunge. Guests ages 7 to 70 can then spend the afternoon hiking, swimming, and exploring the many waterfalls and waterslides unique to the area for an exhilarating expedition. Tandem additions can be added to your bicycle to accommodate ages 4 through 7.

Open May through September, the plunge has been named the third most popular attraction in Sunriver by TripAdvisor and is one of our favorite summer activities. For $70 – $75 per ticket, guests receive a bike, helmet, and daypack, as well as a fully-guided six-mile tour that includes a fifteen-minute shuttle to and from the plunge. The tour features a mythical retelling of the namesake that only adds to the magic and allure of the Paulina Plunge.

Once there, families can have fun plunging into the water, jumping from waterfalls, and sliding down natural rockslides while taking pictures and spending the day exploring all that Central Oregon’s great outdoors has to offer. Eat lunch by the water and wade in the waterfalls as you partake in an adventure the whole family can enjoy.

Book your reservation now to secure a spot during the busy summer months in Sunriver, Oregon.

A Brand New On-Mountain Experience for – All Woodward at Mt. Bachelor

Woodward at Mt. Bachelor

If you or a loved one is heading to Mt. Bachelor as a beginner skier or snowboarder this year, we’ve got some great news for you! Mt. Bachelor introduced Woodward Mountain Park, a brand new on-mountain experience. An experiential action sports company, Woodward aims to help you grow in your sport regardless of your skill level or previous experience.  Set up as a network of terrain zones throughout Mt. Bachelor, you are able to choose your journey through an “artfully constructed progression-based design” as stated on Mt. Bachelors website.


The park is meant to help you grow as you build on your skills. If you’ve never been on skis or a snowboard, you’ll want to head over to Sunrise Lodge andWoodward Start Park play around at the Start Park. Here, you’ll have the chance to get used to the equipment and different types of terrain. With small slopes built to control speed while slowly guiding you to higher elevations, you’ll feel comfortable trying out your chosen snow sport for the first time. The even better news is that you can play at the Woodward Start Park for FREE! This includes the area just outside of the Sunrise Lodge rental shop as well as the First Rays carpet (pictured).

Once you feel comfortable and ready to move to the next level, the Woodward Progression Parks intuitively guide you to the next step in your learning adventure. Progression Park / raises the bar a bit with a longer run that you access via the Lava Tube conveyor carpet that is near the Start Park. This run includes some rollers, small mini pipes and more for you to test your skills before moving on. To access this area and many Woodward Park runs beyond the Start Park plan on paying only $39 online (or $49 if you buy the ticket on the mountain) for a Learning Progression lift ticket. With this ticket you have access to the Early Riser chairlift, Alpenglow and the Lava Tube carpet at Sunrise. You may also head over to the Little Pine chairlift at West Village with this one day pass. With this pass there is not a way to ride between the two lodges to access the West Village lift, but if you’d like to give that run a try there is a free Interlodge Shuttle available every day of the week.

If you’re an experienced rider and know that you will soak up the the amazing terrain that Mt. Bachelor has to offer all over the mountain, you’ll want to go big and get the full mountain pass. Regular single day tickets for full mountain access are $109 (online) or $119 (on-mountain). However, for beginners or those that are looking to get their feet into some bindings for a try, the Woodward Mountain Park is amazing option. Save money, ride terrain that feels comfortable and give yourself the space to learn at your own pace.

Visit the Mt. Bachelor site more information on the Woodward Mountain Park and for ticket pricing information.

Don’t Do A Wanderlust Tour Unless You’re Ready To Move To Central Oregon

HWY 97 Leaving Mt Hood National Forest
Leaving the Mt. Hood National Forest from HWY 97

I lived in Vancouver, WA and worked in Portland, OR for 14 years and had never experienced central Oregon. I was too busy exploring the Willamette Valley when one day my husband said to me “We should move to Bend!” After the shock had worn off and I had processed what he said, I was intrigued that my Vancouver born and bred husband wanted to move 200 miles away. I was a military brat as a child so moving wasn’t a scary idea to me. However, the only memory I had of Bend was 7 years earlier when my husband was miserably sick and I tried out snowboarding for the first time which meant I spent most of the day falling on my bottom and was very sore the next day. Thus, I had a very hard time being on board with the idea of moving.

Then, in January, my husband surprised me with a snow shoeing adventure from Wanderlust Tours. Snow shoeing

had been on my list of adventures I really wanted to do so I was extremely excited to go! Upon closer examination of my gift I noticed that Wanderlust Tours is in Bend, OR. Not only was I getting an adventure but we were going to

get the opportunity to explore Bend again! A few weeks went by and we hopped in the car and began our journey over Mt. Hood to Bend. There’s a moment of stark delineation between rain forest and high desert as you exit the Mt. Hood National Forest that’s jarring in an awe-inspiring way. We traveled from a mountainous, vibrant green, and dense forest under cloud cover into a sunny, cloudless, flat desert with actual tumbleweeds crossing the interstate. At this point, I was not convinced that moving was a good idea. However, as we got closer and closer to Bend the scenery began to change again. Buttes appeared in the distance, Smith Rock with its infamous Monkey Face ridge in the east and ponderosa pine trees peppered the view.

Monkey Face at Smith Rock
Monkey Face at Smith Rock

A sense of wonder and rugged adventure filled me as we pulled into the parking lot of Wanderlust Tours. We were greeted by friendly staff who helped us get fitted for snow shoes and had the opportunity to meander around the premises as we waited for the rest of our tour mates. When I asked if there was a water fountain to top off my water bottle, I was told that “Bend’s tap water is safe to drink.” I was skeptical of this statement but chose to fill my water bottle anyway and save a trip to the store (side note: I later found out that the statement is true and is actually one of the many things Bend takes pride in. It could also be the reason why the beer is so good). Once all our tour mates arrived, we piled into a van and made our way to Mt. Bachelor. Along the way the tour guide gave us lots of information about Bend, Mt. Bachelor, the local wildlife, etc. but I was distracted by the natural beauty of the route between Bend and Mt. Bachelor. The snow-covered hills and trees were so serene and unlike Mt. Hood, which you can see for miles as you approach, Mt. Bachelor is tucked behind a corner that makes the first vision of it spectacular. As you’re driving along you sense the rise in elevation but you don’t actually see Mt. Bachelor until you turn a corner and there he is in all his splendor. I remember saying to my husband “It looks like a post card!” It was at this point that I began to question if we could really live here. Could we make this our reality?


First glimpse of Mt. Bachelor from Century Drive

Our tour guide pulled into the parking lot and gave us safety instructions then our tour began. At first we moved like a search and rescue team, all spread out in a wide line but soon formed a single file as we realized that walking through the snow is much easier if you follow in someone else’s footsteps, namely our guide’s. He seemed unaffected by the elevation and snow pack and simply walk through the woods. If you’ve never done it, snowshoeing feels very similar to walking in the sand with the added bonus of never knowing how far deep in the snow your steps will plunge you. One minute your upright, next minute you’re trying not to do the splits. Soon we came to a clearing where the “brews and views” part of our “Shoes, Brews and Views” tour began. We got to know our tour mates a little better and enjoyed some local brews together in the middle of the Deschutes National Forest. On the way back from snowshoeing we talked with the tour guide about what it’s like to live in Bend and Central Oregon. From that conversation we could see the pure love he had for Bend and were a bit envious but also excited that we were actually considering moving.


The next day, we woke up to another beautiful sunny day with crisp mountain air that felt so cleansing to inhale.  This was a real treat since it was February and we were used to clouds and rain in the valley. On this day we decide to explore Bend a bit and went on a walk-about in the Old Mill district, Drake Park, Mirror Pond and traveled east to Brasada Ranch. This was the day I fell in love with Bend and Central Oregon.

For those of you that are wondering why we’d travel 20 miles east of Bend to Brasada Ranch, I’d like to say: “Excellent Question!” which I’ll answer for you now. On the second day of our trip my husband let me know that we were not only exploring Bend but also Brasada Ranch that day. Being the go-with-the-flow kind of gal I am, I said “Sounds good to me! But why?” to which he responded with “I have a job interview.” He got the job, I got one a month later and within two months, we became Bendites. It’s been 5 years since that day and we’ve never looked back. So, if you live elsewhere and you take a Wanderlust Tour while in Central Oregon be prepared to put your house on the market and move here. If you do move here call me and we’ll share a brew, views, and snow shoes. P.S. All Village Properties guests get a 10% discount on tours with Wanderlust Tours!

Shoe, Views, & Brews Tour from Wanderlust Tours
Taking a break during the Shoes, View, & Brews Tour from Wanderlust Tours Bend, OR

Spring Break in Sunriver

Spring in Sunriver is truly one of the best times to visit the area. Mt. Bachelor staying open through Memorial Day, combined with longer days and warmer weather, make your activity options almost endless. If you’re coming to Sunriver for Spring Break, you can plan kayaking, skiing, hiking and more all in one weeks time. Some have been known to ski in the morning and go for a kayak paddle in the afternoon.

If you’re looking for some great events to keep your crew entertained, we’ve got some ideas for you here.

Subaru Winterfest 2018

Mt. Bachelor always has an events calendar that is packed with good times in the Spring. March 16 – 18th, join fellow snow-lovers and celebrate all things winter at the Subaru Winterfest 2018. Enjoy live music, s’mores and coffee while taking advantage of daily giveaways and test out the latest gear.

Hella Big Air

On Saturday, March 31st come up to watch the 10 Barrel Brewing Co 3rd Annual Hella Big Air. There will be a Hella Big Party going on while you watch some top competitors hit a 95-foot jump. This 90’s themed party will not disappoint. Come for the entertainment, the prizes, the party and more!

Stay tuned to the Mt. Bachelor website for their 2018 Spring skiing specials.

Sunriver March Mudness

Gather your friends and family and prepare to get down and dirty. March 25th is the 6th annual Sunriver March Mudness. This 1.5 mile annual event is meant for all ages and geared towards those that want to have FUN!

There are obstacles such as tires to step through, a spider web weave, sloth crossing a mud crawl over and under different hurdles. This is truly a non-competitive and family-friendly event. It is encouraged to take your time and enjoy yourself! One of the most fun things about Spring in Central Oregon is that our weather is SO unpredictable. The weather could be wet and rainy, cold and snowy or sunny and warm. Come to the race dressed weather-appropriate. And, no matter the weather, prepare to get WET and DIRTY!

A portion of proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society – La Pine-Sunriver Relay for Life, Sunriver Citizens Patrol – Shop with a Cop, and the Sunriver Fire Department – Stairclimb Fund.

As spring draws closer, more events and activities will be popping up. Keep your eye on our event calendar for more great events this spring. We also have some great input on hikes, floats, dining and more in some past blog posts. Check out our list below:

Happy Hours in Sunriver

Floating the Deschutes River

The Most Breathtaking Late Summer and Fall Hikes near Sunriver (Also great for spring!)

Dining in Sunriver

The Bend Ale Trail Beer Tour

The Village at Sunriver – Your Holiday Shopping Guide (Or anytime shopping!)

Don’t forget to call our office and chat with one of our Sunriver experts to help you plan your next Sunriver vacation. We can recommend activities, find your perfect vacation rental and even help you find discounts.

Winter Sunriver Fun for Non-Skiers

Many people think fun in Sunriver is all about the swimming, and the golfing and the hiking. And it is. But there is a whole other side to Sunriver — the side that turns into a snowy winter wonderland come November or December. But what is there to do in Sunriver when the temperatures drop?

For the skiing crowd there is, of course, Mt. Bachelor, which has more than 71 trails and 3500 acres to accommodate them. If you’re not a skier, though, are you left to twiddle your thumbs in your vacation home? Below are some activities that just might be to your liking during your winter stay.


If hitting the mall is more your style than hitting the slopes the boutique stores at The Village at Sunriver are just the ticket. You’ll find plenty of Sunriver branded souvenirs and apparel, as well as high performance sporting gear and equipment. You’ll also find fine art, great restaurants, and family entertainment and events, as well as ice skating.


Sledding is great fun for the whole family, and Wanoga Sno-Park off Century Drive on the way to Mt. Bachelor is the place to do it. You can sled, toboggan or inner tube, and there’s even a snack trailer in the parking lot to grab a warm beverage. Just up the road at Mt. Bachelor’s Snowblast Tubing Park, you can get a day-pass for an afternoon of inner tubing. And if you’d rather just stay in Sunriver, there’s a snow-tubing hill at SHARC.


Mt. Bachelor offers free 90 minute snowshoeing interpretive tours conducted by US Forest Service naturalists from December 19, 2016 through March 31, 2017. You’ll learn about winter ecology at Mt Bachelor and the geology, plants and animals of Central Oregon. The tours are at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on weekends, holidays (except Christmas and New Year’s Day) and school vacations. No reservations are necessary, but you should check-in 10-15 minutes prior to the tour at the USFS snowshoe hut just outside the Guest Services building in West Village.

You can also experience winter off the beaten track with a snowshoe tour from Wanderlust Tours. The tours are led by professional naturalist guides who deliver exciting interpretation and there’s snow play for all ages. Snowshoes are included, but you should wear winter boots and powder/ski pants to keep your feet and legs dry. Boot and pant rentals are available through Wanderlust. Daily tours as well as Moonlight and Starlight tours provide truly memorable experiences.


Only 20 minutes from Sunriver are the Wanoga and Dutchman Flat sno parks. These two parks feature some of the best snowmobiling in Central Oregon and are favorite destinations for locals.

Oregon Observatory

If you want a view of the stars without having to wear snowshoes, head to the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver. Plan on spending a fun, educational evening viewing the starry night skies. Sunriver’s elevation, pitch-dark backdrop and clear air make it ideal for stargazing. It just so happens to be the the largest public access viewing facility in the country, too, and a spectacle you won’t want to miss.

The Sunriver Nature Center

You won’t want to miss the Sunriver Nature Center during your stay. This non-profit educational center offers a variety of activities to choose from, including programs and exhibits about the natural surrounding area. The center is close to the Sunriver marina and airport and has a nature trail that staff use to educate visitors.
So there you have it. Turns out there’s plenty to do in Sunriver in the winter months, even if you don’t ski. Of course, if you truly are more of an observer than a participant when the snow arrives, there’s nothing quite so perfect as spending a cozy afternoon in your vacation home, gazing out at the wintery landscape with a cup of hot cocoa in hand.

Contact Village Properties at Sunriver today and we’ll help you find the ideal vacation home to do that cocoa sipping.

What are Your Options for Sunriver Winter Recreation

If you’re looking for Sunriver winter recreation, you won’t be short on options. One of the biggest draws to Sunriver in the winter comes in the plethora of recreation options. Consider these forms of Sunriver winter recreation during your next visit, or anytime when you’re lucky enough to live here full time.

Sunriver Winter Recreation

Skiing and Snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor

Perhaps the most obvious of the choices for Sunriver winter recreation, enjoy 4,318 skiable acres at America’s 5th largest ski area. Whether you’re a newbie looking to take lessons, or a seasoned pro ready to take on the Cone, you’ll find incredible skiing and snowboarding terrain at Mt. Bachelor.

Dog Sledding

Looking for an exciting adventure outside of the ordinary recreational options? Take an exciting dog sled tour with Oregon Trail of Dreams. Glide over the snow while taking in the sights of Central Oregon, including Mt. Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters.

Tubing at SHARC

Tubing is available on select dates between November and February at SHARC. The Tubing Hill at SHARC features three runs of varying steepness. Tubes are provided and use of The Tubing Hill is included with SHARC admission. Looking for something extra fun? Try the Black Light Blast at SHARC on select dates through the winter season!

Snowshoeing and Cross Country Skiing

Many recreational outfitters in Sunriver offer snowshoe and cross country ski rentals, which allows you to carry out your own adventure. Wanderlust Tours also offers guided snowshoe tours, including moonlight tours during that month’s full moon. Take your snowshoes or cross country skis and venture out at one of the area’s many Sno Parks, like Virginia Meissner.


Central Oregon Adventures offers snowmobile rentals and tours near Sunriver. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the rush of adrenaline that comes from gliding quickly over the snow in a snowmobile, this is the perfect adventure for your family.

No matter what type of winter recreation strikes your interest, you’ll find it in Sunriver. At Village Properties at Sunriver, we can help you plan your perfect winter vacation by connecting you with the right recreation options and companies. Contact Village Properties at Sunriver to learn more about lodging and Sunriver winter recreation.

Lock in your 2017 Sunriver Vacation Rental at the Lowest Rates Possible

Looking forward to a stay in Sunriver sometime in 2017? NOW is the best time to book your trip!

Book your Sunriver vacation rental prior to January 1, 2017, and receive 2016 rates! Great savings for your next trip!

This is your LAST CHANCE to get the lowest rates possible for your 2017 vacation. And here are just a few “excuses” to come visit Sunriver soon:

  1. Recuperate after the Holiday Rush. This time of year can get a bit hectic, and sometimes a little “ME” or “WE”-time is greatly needed after the explosion of family togetherness. Good thing that Village Properties offers Sunriver vacation rentals of all sizes, including studio, one or two bedrooms for that perfect fit. Whether your great escape includes time on the slopes or quiet time indoors, we’ve got you covered. And many of our vacation rentals include hot tubs, for the ultimate relaxation.
  2. Mt. Bachelor is now 100% open. And we’ve got LOTS of snow! With the grand opening of the new Cloudchaser lift this year, Mt. Bachelor now boasts 4,000 acres of skiable terrain. And with a new office based in Sunriver, it’s now even more convenient to buy tickets here first so you can skip the lines up at the mountain. Check out the current conditions at Mt. Bachelor, and see just what you have to look forward to!
  3. Take advantage of upcoming long weekends. Make a quick escape with a 3-day holiday weekend. Martin Luther King Day is on January 16, followed by Presidents’ Day on February 20.

And just a reminder… book your Sunriver vacation rental before January 1, 2017 and you’ll receive 2016 pricing!

So add just one more thing to that holiday shopping list before time runs out… treat yourself and your family to a vacation in Sunriver. Think of this as a Christmas present for everyone to enjoy!

An with the money you’ll be saving, you can treat yourself to lift tickets, an extra round of golf and MORE! Don’t miss out… book your Sunriver vacation rental today!

Call us at 800-SUNRIVER, or book online, today!

Buy your Mt. Bachelor lift tickets at The Village at Sunriver!

Save time and skip the lines by purchasing your Mt. Bachelor lift tickets in Sunriver!

New this winter, Mt. Bachelor has an office in the Village at Sunriver mall, where you can purchase your single-day lift tickets, season passes and all other options offered through Mt. Bachelor. Beat the crowds, skip the long lines and buy your Mt. Bachelor lift tickets before you even hit the mountain! It’s a great way to get in, get out and spend even more time on the slopes.

Mt. Bachelor’s Sunriver office is located in Building 26 at the Village of Sunriver, where Sun Country Tours was previously located. This location will be open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, though operating hours will fluctuate with demand.

This new office of Mt. Bachelor’s is just one more reason why staying in Sunriver for a ski vacation is such a great choice! With the Northwest open, and the brand new Cloudchaser lift set to open on Friday, Mt. Bachelor is now the 5th largest skiing and snowboarding area in the United States. That’s a whole lot of POW to enjoy! So get a jump on things by staying in Sunriver for your winter trip to Mt. Bachelor. We’re even closer to the mountain than Bend, which means even more time to enjoy yourself. And many of our vacation rental properties boast hot tubs and fireplaces, so you can easily head “home” to warm yourself after a long day of play.

Click here to book your next adventure, or call 1-800-SUNRIVER to speak with a Reservation Specialist.

Planning a Mt. Bachelor Ski Vacation with Village Properties at Sunriver

With the addition of the new Cloudchaser lift, Mt. Bachelor adds 635 acres of lift-served terrain. This makes Mt. Bachelor the 5th largest ski area in the United States. The new lift and additional terrain make it the perfect time to plan a Mt. Bachelor ski vacation with Village Properties at Sunriver.

Planning a Mt. Bachelor Ski Vacation

One of the first steps to planning your Mt. Bachelor ski vacation comes in choosing the right lift ticket. Mt. Bachelor offers different options depending on the number of days you plan to ski or snowboard at the mountain this winter.

  • Full Day Adult Lift Ticket (Ages 19-64): $92
  • Children 5 and under are free
  • 2 of 3 Consecutive Days, Adult: $169
  • 3 of 5 Consecutive Days, Adult: $229
  • 4 of 6 Consecutive Days, Adult: $289
  • 5 of 7 Consecutive Days, Adult: $334
  • 6 of 8 Consecutive Days, Adult: $372
  • 12 Day Pass 2016-2017, All Ages: $569

If you plan to have more than one Sunriver ski vacation this winter, it might be worth investing in the 12 Day Pass. The 12 Day Pass is a picture pass similar to a season pass and can be used throughout the season. The drawback to a 12 Day Pass is the blackout dates, which includes December 26, 2016 – January 2, 2017, January 14-15, 2017 and February 18-19, 2017. If you don’t plan a Mt. Bachelor ski vacation during these popular times, the 12 Day Pass may be worth your money.


When it comes to planning your Mt. Bachelor ski vacation, lodging ranks high on your list of priorities. You want something that’s close to the mountain, as well as dining, shopping and other outdoor recreation. Sunriver lends itself perfectly to a Mt. Bachelor ski vacation.

After deciding to stay in Sunriver, you need a dedicated lodging partner to help you find the perfect vacation home. Whether you want a small cabin where you can hang your skis after shredding on the mountain, or a bigger chateau to spend time with your extended family and friends, Village Properties at Sunriver can help you find the perfect lodging option.

Village Properties offers visitors a variety of lodging options for a Mt. Bachelor ski vacation. In addition to great vacation homes, Village Properties offers our guests many discounts in Sunriver. From dining and retail to 10% off equipment rentals at Village Bike & Ski Shop, you’ll be glad you started your vacation off right with Village Properties at Sunriver.

Planning the Perfect Sunriver Christmas Vacation for the Whole Family

For many families, tradition is built on a Sunriver Christmas vacation. Whether you’re escaping the rain in the western part of the state, or seeking snow after a sunny winter down south, you’ll find the perfect makings for a memorable Sunriver Christmas vacation. From the opening of the new Cloudchaser lift at Mt. Bachelor to the annual Traditions celebration at Sunriver Resort, there’s something for everyone when you book your winter holiday vacation with Village Properties at Sunriver.

Plan Your Sunriver Christmas Vacation


Traditions at Sunriver Resort enters its 18th year this winter. For 18 years, families have come from all over the country to enjoy memorable holiday activities. All month long you can take advantage of:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Elf Tuck-Ins
  • Gingerbread Cookie Decorating
  • Build-A-Bear
  • Sleigh Rides
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Over 150 Family Activities

Starting December 3, browse the whimsical creations at Gingerbread Junction. Create memories that will last a lifetime when you bring the kids to Brunch with Santa or have an Elf Tuck-In. Santa’s helpers read your child a favorite Christmas story and tuck them in with a special goodie bag. You don’t need to be a Resort guest to take advantage of this special experience. Elf Tuck-Ins are available to the general public staying in Sunriver, Crosswater and Caldera Springs.

Mt. Bachelor and Winter Recreation

This December marks the perfect time to plan a Sunriver Christmas vacation. With close proximity to Mt. Bachelor, you’re perfectly situated to enjoy all that the mountain has to offer. This December, the long-awaited new Cloudchase chairlift opens to the public, granting access to 635 more acres of lift-served terrain. That makes Mt. Bachelor the 5th largest ski area in the United States.

There’s more to the Mt. Bachelor wilderness than just skiing and snowboarding. When planning your Sunriver Christmas vacation, don’t forget about snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross country and skate skiing at Virginia Meissner Sno Park and sledding at SHARC. No matter what type of outdoor winter recreation appeals to your family, you’ll find it near Sunriver.

Comfortable Lodging with Family and Friends

The best Sunriver Christmas vacations are made of the memories you make with your friends and family. While you’re sure to remember snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor or Brunch with Santa, it’s the vacation home you choose to stay in that will be in the background of your photos and make your experience great. Leave cookies by the fireplace for Santa, play a round of Scattergories where you beat your cousins, warm your bones in the hot tub on a cold Christmas night. Choosing the most comfortable lodging for your family will make all the difference in your Sunriver Christmas vacation.

Find the perfect Sunriver Christmas vacation home by contacting Village Properties at Sunriver today. We’ll help you choose the perfect Sunriver Christmas vacation home, setting the scene for a memorable holiday with your family.