Bad Boys Barbecue – Let them do the work!

Are you coming to Sunriver for a family reunion or any type of large family gathering? Are you planning on coordinating a feast for a large group? Why stress when you have Bad Boys Barbecue as an option?

Bad Boys Barbecue is located in Central Oregon and here to cater to your event. Their friendly and professional team will bring mouth-watering food to your event. Not only will food arrive, but they will also bring tables and table set up for the food with chafing dishes and all supplies necessary to ensure food temperatures and clean up afterward.

Here at Village Properties we enjoyed glorious food with some house-made Barbecue Sauces and side dishes for our pre-summer gathering. Our staff was quite impressed by Bad Boys Barbecue and we all left full and happy. With coleslaw and broccoli salad to accompany some select meats, there was something for everyone.

Want more? Take a look at their website here. There are lots of meat options and side items. Oh, and did we mention the appetizers and desserts? Here are just a few items you’ll have to choose from:
• Ruben Bites
• Cucumber Chips w/Salmon & Dill
• Jalapeno/Cheddar Corn Bread
• Sweet Chili Chicken
• Top it all off with almost any kind of pie you crave.

Seriously, once you realize how much time is saved in the menu planning, grocery shopping, prepping, chopping, cooking, serving, etc, you will find this more than worth it for your family gathering. Let Bad Boys Barbecue do the work for you this year and kick up your feet, visit with the family and enjoy the flavors. 

Sunriver Family Reunion

Has your crew decided on a Sunriver family reunion this year? We think that’s a wonderful choice! The Village at Sunriver, the Deschutes River and mountain lakes, the SHARC and endless miles of paved paths provide entertainment for all ages.

Depending on your group’s size, staying at a hotel or luxury resort can become costly fast. Here, at Village Properties at Sunriver we offer an extensive range of vacation rentals for you to choose from. We employ a staff of knowledgeable Sunriver experts to help you find the perfect home or homes for your large group.

Often, family reunions include groups of 15 or more. While many homes can accommodate large groups, it may be beneficial to consider two homes that are near each other so that everyone has some space. Because we know that planning a reunion can be extremely time-consuming, we recommend letting us do the work. Call our experts today to let them handle finding the perfect spot for your Sunriver family reunion.

  • Simply have the following information in mind and we’ll get to work for you:
    • How many in your party? (i.e. how many beds/bedrooms/bathrooms do you require for optimum comfort?)
    • What activities would you like to be near? (Does your group enjoy dining and shopping at the Village? Or do they prefer to be near Fort Rock Park? Perhaps the crew prefers to be outside of the business of Sunriver proper?)
    • Do you require a pet-friendly home?
    • Do you plan on spending time outdoors, making a large deck area desirable?
    • Does your group enjoy having a hot tub? A Barbecue, etc?

Remember that when you stay with Village Properties at Sunriver you will also enjoy discounts and perks to local businesses. We have partnered with lots of fun recreational activities as well as restaurants to offer you, our valued guest, extras while you’re here.

To further ease your planning, we’ve recently teamed up with a local adventure planning company that allows you to map out, book and pay for all of your vacation activities in one spot. No more cruising the web for hours trying to decide what the best activities for your visit or for your weekend will be. We’ve got the best of the best of local activities and adventures right here, in one place! Map out your itinerary AND pay for all of your activities in on spot.

Choose your adventure today!

If you do have swimmers traveling with you, most of our homes come with complimentary SHARC passes. Be sure to let your Sunriver expert know that you’d like a home with this added value when booking.

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