Midweek Memories – Give yourself a midweek break!

Ever had a week when you wake up on Tuesday and wish it was Friday already? Sometimes it’s just necessary to take a bit of a midweek break. If you have the benefit of being able to plan a midweek getaway, we think you should. Here’s why:

  1. Better rates: It won’t matter what kind of accommodations you choose or where you visit, you’re going to find the best rates during the week.
  2. Smaller crowds: Weekends are busy. It seems that most of the population works Monday through Friday making travel destinations quite crowded on weekends. Especially through the spring and summer months, businesses are open and offering the same services all week long that they offer on weekends. Less people = less wait time and more room to stretch out and enjoy the scenery! Enjoy a less-crowded golf course, open roads and some peace and quiet!
  3. Easier traveling: Whether you are driving or flying to your destination, you will find your travel time to be easier. With less people on the roads and in airports during these midweek times, you may find that it’s what you always prefer.
  4. There’s still tons to do: Check out our events calendar in the upcoming months! If you’re looking for this kind of a stress-relieving getaway, why not have some fun on the way?

If you’re thinking about Sunriver as your midweek getaway, take a look at our vacation rentals for your visit.


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