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Real Estate Resources

We’ve compiled some helpful Sunriver real estate resources here, including not just Sunriver real estate but also for Bend real estate and the greater Central Oregon area. Please revisit this resources page, as it’s kept up to date with helpful Sunriver real estate resources and information for the new homeowner.

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    Home Smart Oregon

    Lots of information and educational resources for first time home buyers can be found here. Get an individualized consultation or sign up for a class to help you make the smartest purchase possible!


    Central Oregon Schools

    Have kids? Learn about where they’ll be learning! This directory will give you access to information about extracurriculars, teaching faculty, and more for all of the schools in the Bend-La Pine district.


    About Central Oregon

    How far is Sunriver from Portland? What’s the altitude difference between here and Bend? Just how many microbreweries does Central Oregon have? Find the answers to all your questions about the area here!


    Sunriver Area Map

    Maybe you want to be close to swimming and tennis at SHARC, or maybe you’re an avid golfer and want to be able to walk to the fairway. Whatever your needs and priorities are, this map will help you decide on the best location for your new home.


    Sunriver Chamber Of Commerce

    Learn how the Sunriver Chamber can help your business.


    Central Oregon Visitors Association

    Your go-to resources for activities, sports, and recreation in Central Oregon and Sunriver.

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