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August 28, 2023

Oregon is a beautiful part of the country. Just take a look around from the lush forests, the towering mountains, and the sparkling rivers. But remember to take some time to look up when you are in Oregon. The night sky is just as beautiful as you can see close to the ground. The best way to do that is visiting Oregon’s First International Dark Sky Place + Sunriver Observatory. It’s a fantastic place to visit when you stay with Village Properties at Sunriver. Here is what you need to know about Oregon’s First International Dark Sky Place + Sunriver Observatory.

What Is The Sunriver Observatory?

It is an astronomical observatory operated by the not-for-profit Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory in Sunriver. It has twenty-three telescopes.

What Can You See At The Observatory?

According to the observatory website, you can see “crystal clear views of the moon and various planets, to star clusters and nebulas, the observatory’s views will amaze first-time stargazers and amateur astronomers alike.”

What Events Are Planned At The Observatory? 

There are events at the observatory, like the Exclusive Star Party. The event allows you to explore constellations through a laser-guided tour. You’ll see views of planets, the Moon, galaxies, and meteorites. The tour is one hour long.

See The Night Sky

It’s a special treat when the sun sets and the sky is clear in Oregon. You’ll have one of the best views at Oregon’s First International Dark Sky Place + Sunriver Observatory. Book directly with Village Properties at Sunriver to access many more terrific Oregon sights. We feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

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