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February 10, 2024

If you’ve ever visited Sunriver, then you know it’s a gorgeous area that beckons outdoor enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes and a myriad of recreational activities. Among the many businesses catering to these adventure seekers, Village Bike and Ski is a necessity for those looking to explore the area on two wheels or by gliding down pristine slopes. Let’s ride into the world of Village Bike and Ski and discover how this local gem enhances the Sunriver experience.

Built for Biking

Sunriver’s extensive network of scenic bike paths and trails provides the perfect outlet for cycling enthusiasts, and Village Bike and Ski is the go-to spot for all your biking needs. Whether you’re a casual cruiser or a seasoned cyclist, the shop offers a diverse range of rental bikes suitable for all ages and skill levels. From sleek road bikes for those who crave speed to sturdy mountain bikes built for tackling rugged terrains, Village Bike and Ski ensures that everyone can pedal their way through Sunriver’s natural wonders.

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Village Bike and Ski go beyond merely renting out bikes. They provide invaluable local insights, recommending the best trails based on your preferences and skill level. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride along the Deschutes River or a more challenging mountain biking adventure, their expertise ensures you make the most of your biking experience.

Winter Sport Necessity

When the ski season starts, Village Bike and Ski becomes a winter sport essential. Boasting a diverse selection of high-quality ski and snowboard equipment for rent, the shop equips winter enthusiasts to conquer the slopes of nearby Mt. Bachelor, Hoodoo, and other popular ski destinations.

From beginners to experts, Village Bike and Ski has the right gear to ensure a comfortable and exhilarating experience on the mountain. The shop’s commitment to quality extends to its well-maintained rental equipment, ensuring that every skier and snowboarder enjoys a safe and exciting ride wherever their winter wanderlust takes them.

For Rent, Purchase, More

 If you loved the equipment you got for the day, Village Bike and Ski has more than just rentals! They offer retail for both bike and ski equipment in addition to offering rental equipment so you can take the ride with you. They take great pride in supplying you with top-notch, high-quality equipment and carry bike lines such as Trek, Cannondale, and Norco.  For the winter they offer skis from K2, Head, Blizzard, and Fischer. Whether for just a ride up to the mountain or for the ride home, the offerings the Village Bike and Ski have are unbeatable!

If you came into town with your own equipment and found that it needs a tune-up, Village Bike and Ski can help there too! In addition to renting and selling, they are also a full-service shop that offers tunes and repairs for bikes and skis year-round. Stop by if your equipment needs a little TLC before hitting the slopes or the trails.

Community Connection

What truly sets Village Bike and Ski apart is its deep-rooted connection to the Sunriver community. Locally owned and operated, the shop isn’t just a place to rent equipment; it’s a gathering point for outdoor enthusiasts to share stories, tips, and a common love for adventure. The staff’s passion for Sunriver and the natural beauty surrounding it is infectious, creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites one and all to get excited about exploring the outdoors.

Village Bike and Ski isn’t just invested in the person-to-person community, but also the natural community surrounding our area. They have been heavily involved in supporting the creation and maintenance of local trails in the area so everyone can get out and enjoy all that Sunriver has to offer. They have contributed both financially and with volunteer labor to the Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA) to help create and maintain trail networks in the area. This has been a huge effort as everyone in the Central Oregon area is now spoiled to have hundreds of miles of trails in the area. Talk about being involved in what you love!

Village Bike and Ski in Sunriver, Oregon, isn’t just a rental shop – it’s a gateway to exploration and adventure. Whether you’re biking along scenic trails in the summer or carving through fresh powder in the winter, this local gem ensures that you’re equipped with the best gear and expert advice for your next outdoor excursion. So, gear up and get ready to discover the unparalleled beauty of Sunriver, courtesy of Village Bike and Ski.

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