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December 19, 2017

Visiting Central Oregon from a warmer climate? Or maybe from where it rains a whole lot? It’s hard to pack for a winter vacation when you don’t deal with winter on a daily basis. We’ve put together this cheat sheet to help you pack for a winter vacation! Once you have a few essentials, you’ll find yourself feeling quite prepared.

We all know that you need a good underlayer, coat, and a pair of waterproof boots that fit well. But what else? Let’s go over five very important items that are often forgotten.

Here Are Five Things to Pack for a Winter Vacation

A Well-Fitting Hat (Or Hats, If You like to Switch It Up!)

While mom was not exactly right that we lose 80% of our body heat through our head, it’s still important to cover that noggin. In reality, we lose the same amount of body heat through our head as the rest of our body. We’re just not as good at covering it up.

To make sure all of your parts are warm enough, don’t forget your hat! A good hat will cover your ears, partly cover the back of your neck, and won’t contain extra flaps, fluff balls, or other accessories. You’ll want to grab something similar, made of a thin and modern material, for maximum warmth.

Good Gloves

Even if you don’t plan on participating in a winter adventure while you’re here, you’ve got to have a good pair of gloves on hand. It can get really cold, and a short walk from the car into a store could have you blowing warm air into your hands. You’ll feel more prepared, more comfortable, and less light-headed from all the blowing warm air if you remember to bring gloves!


While this seems like an item to pack for summer, it should also be in your winter gear. A sunny day spent in the snow with no sunscreen on your face will result in pain later on. The sun’s reflection on the bright white snow calls for a worse burn than you’d get on a day at the lake in the summer.


And, while we’re talking about the sun (because here, in Sunriver, we get lots of snow and lots of sun!) don’t forget your sunglasses. Ideally, you’ll want a polarized pair, but as long as you have some sort of shade over your eyeballs, you’ll be better off than if you’d left them in your beach bag.

A Cup or Thermos to Keep Your Drink Warm

If you plan on going for a walk on the famous Sunriver paths while snow flutters down, or stepping outside to watch the kids throw snowballs at each other, you’ll want a hot drink in your hand. And you’ll enjoy that cozy drink even more if it stays warm. Whether you choose an insulated Hydro Flask or an old thermos, you’ll be much happier with your outdoor time with a warm drink in hand.

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