What’s The Best Time To Visit Sunriver, Oregon?

Sunriver is the ultimate destination for relaxation, outdoor adventures, and memorable experiences. Enveloped in the heart of the majestic beauty of Central Oregon, Sunriver offers a retreat like no other, whether you’re seeking a thrilling vacation or a peaceful escape. Once you’ve decided to plan your getaway with Village Properties at Sunriver, perhaps you’re wondering when is the best time to visit. Considering Sunriver gets 300+ days of sunshine annually, there isn’t a wrong time of year to book your stay. However, here are the benefits of a summer or fall vacation to Oregon.

Visiting Sunriver In Summer

Summer is an energetic and exciting time to experience Sunriver’s natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere. With abundant sunshine, refreshing water activities, and an array of exciting events, it’s no wonder why so many visitors choose to spend their summer here. Immerse yourself in the unique scenery and celebrate these lively community events you can only find in Oregon.

  • Cool off and play in SHARC. SHARC is the Sunriver Homeowners Association Recreation Center and is the premiere aquatics, recreation, and event center in Sunriver. Our vacation rentals in Sunriver include free SHARC passes!
    • SHARC admission is dependent on their capacity! Please check the SHARC website for a status update before your visit or call 541-585-5000.
  • Spend the weekend watching balloons fly over the trees at Balloons Over Bend. Hundreds of hot air balloons rise over one weekend from the early morning to late at night.
  • For art admirers out there, you will not want to pass by the Sunriver Art Fair. It’s a tremendous opportunity to see and support some of the finest local art. The Children’s “Make & Take Craft Bags” also makes this a popular event for families with children.
  • Try dipping your toes into the Deschutes River.
  • Paddleboard and swim in the nearby Cascade Lakes
    • Todd Lake
    • Sparks Lake
    • Devil Lake
    • Elk Lake
    • Hosmer Lake
    • Lava Lake & Little Lava Lake
    • Cultus Lake & Little Cultus Lake
    • Crane Prarie Reservoir
    • North & South Twin Lakes
    • Wickiup Reservoir
    • Devils Lake

Visiting Sunriver In Fall

If you’re looking for a more serene experience, Sunriver in the Fall is a hidden gem that offers a relaxing oasis in the Pacific Northwest. As the heat of summer subsides, and the kids head back to school, this is a perfect opportunity to experience the attractions Sunriver offers, minus the crowds and high temperatures. Here are some lovely reasons to visit Sunriver, OR, in the fall.

  • Enjoy the combination of sunshine and crisp air at Sunriver’s renowned golf courses.
  • Try seeing the amazing splay of colors from horseback. Sunriver Trail Rides is a great way to try horseback riding and get a different perspective. Another stellar option is Todd Creek Horse Camp. Set along the Cascade Highway, it’s a chill and beautiful horseback tour through some of the best views near Sunriver.
  • An exhilarating activity to try in the fall is ATV and Off-Roading near Sunriver. There are numerous offroading trails like the East Fort Rock OHV Trail System or Edison Butte OHV Trail System. You can travel these trails all day if you like ranging from 20 miles to more than 300 miles of dirt to move on.

Book Your Stay In Sunriver, Oregon, Now

Whether you prefer the vibrant energy of summer or the serene tranquility of fall, you will not want to miss some of the attractions that only happen during these seasons. It’s no wonder why Sunriver is legendary as a summer vacation destination – some things to consider for the season are: it’s wildfire season (smoke may affect your travel or experience) and also that the warmer temperatures could be an issue for vulnerable populations (old, young)

Experience why Sunriver is a popular summer destination and the best time to visit, or discover why fall is an equally enticing time that captures the hearts of visiting travelers. Book your stay with Village Properties at Sunriver and embark on an unforgettable journey in Sunriver this summer or fall, with no shortage of delightful experiences. In addition, we feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

3 Free Things To Do in Sunriver, Oregon

Vacations don’t have to be expensive for you and your family. One way to keep your costs down is to find a place with free family attractions. Central Oregon has plenty of free things to do in the Sunriver, Oregon, area. You can easily find them when you stay with Village Properties At Sunriver. We have affordable vacation rentals that are great for groups or families. Try visiting these fun free things to do in Sunriver, Oregon.

Free Summer Concerts

Turf Tunes is a summer concert series held at the John Gray Amphitheater at SHARC.  Experience live music from nationally recognized musicians for free on select Sundays in June and July.  SHARC also features one premiere musical act via a ticketed concert during the summer lineup.

Another free concert series is the Starry Nights Summer Concert Series in The Village at Sunriver outdoor mall starting at 6:30 pm every Thursday, July-August.

Turf Tunes and Starry Nights Summer Concert Series are both excellent ways to enjoy free entertainment during your Sunriver vacation.

Fort Rock Park

You can plan a picnic at Fort Rock Park. This nearby park has many amenities and activities to entertain you and your family. These amenities include a ballfield, barbecue grills, basketball court, horseshoe, pavilion, picnic tables, playground, restrooms, volleyball, and tennis/pickleball courts.

Benham Falls Trail

For the adventurous type, you can explore the beautiful scenery along the Benham Falls Trail. This is a relaxed trail along the Deschutes River, where you can see the ranging, unique landscape of the ancient lava lands through the Deschutes National Forest. Get up close to the waterfalls and feel the cool mist. The trail is filled with ponderosa pines and plenty of shade. Combined with the waterfalls and the shade, this is a beautiful way to stay cool and enjoy the sights.

Free And Fun

As you can see, there is a lot to do and see that won’t break the bank. With so many fun free things to do in Central Oregon, you will rest easy at the end of the day at your vacation rental through Village Properties At Sunriver. We feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

5 Amazing Sunriver Vacation Rentals On Golf Courses

If you can’t get enough of playing golf, you may be interested in a vacation rental on a golf course. Central Oregon has some outstanding views and superb golf courses. This leads to spectacular vacation rentals only through Village Properties At Sunriver. In addition, you can pick up a 30 percent off voucher for Widgi Creek Golf Course at Village Properties at Sunriver office. Here is a look at some of the variety in golf course vacation rentals in Central Oregon you can book with us for your next golf getaway.


Imagine waking up and enjoying the sunshine and a pre-round cup of coffee on the upper-level deck of Wildflower 54, overlooking the 13th hole of the Meadows Golf Course. Besides being ideally situated next to the Meadows greens, the Wildflower condominium community is conveniently located within walking distance to the Village Mall, Sunriver Lodge, and SHARC. Inside this reverse-living 2-bedroom condo, your party will enjoy the recently remodeled kitchen and BBQ grill.

Pole House

Soaking in the private hot tub of Pole House 1, you’ll enjoy the quintessential Sunriver views of the paved bike path and Meadows golf greens. This spacious 1806 sq. ft. 3-bedroom home boasts a modern open-floor concept with vaulted pine ceilings, air conditioning, and a covered patio.


After a round of golf, your party will enjoy playing pool in Pinecone 9’s game room with panoramic windows overlooking the Meadows 5th hole fairway.  The cook of the group will relish the granite countertops and top-tier kitchen appliances in the remodeled kitchen.  Pinecone 9 is an expansive 2156 sq. ft. 4-bedroom, pet-friendly home and the perfect home base for your Sunriver golfcation.

Red Cedar

Red Cedar 30 is a massive 4054 sq. ft. 4-bedroom uniquely mid-century modern home with views of the Woodlands golf course. Every bedroom in this spacious home has its own bathroom, making it a favorite for friends looking to enjoy a Sunriver golfcation. Enjoy a round of pool in the game room or cozy up with a book in the reading nook.

Relax Near The Greens

For golf fans, there is no better place to spend your vacation than these golf course vacation rentals in Central Oregon. When you’ve played your fill of Sunriver golf courses, take advantage of Village Properties guest perk: a 33% off voucher for Widgi Creek Golf and Pickleball Club! With Village Properties At Sunriver, you will stay at some of the best vacation rentals on the best golf courses near Sunriver, Oregon. We feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

Explore The Bend Ale Trail This Summer

A phenomenal place to drink a beer or two this summer is by visiting Oregon. That’s because of The Bend Ale Trail. It’s home to some of the best stretches of breweries in the state. You can start and end your adventure along the ale trail in Sunriver, Oregon, with Village Properties at Sunriver. We are about 20 minutes from Bend, Oregon, which allows you safe transportation to and from any of the breweries below. The Bend Ale Trail features 30 breweries. We’ll highlight some of the best breweries you can’t pass by.

  • Sunriver Brewing Company: The best place to start is in our backyard in Sunriver. This is an awesome place to grab to eat and enjoy a beer by the campfire.
  • Worthy Brewing Company: This a Bend, Oregon, brewery focusing on sustainability. They have two locations in Bend; the brewpub and the beers and burgers location.
  • Spider City Brewing: Spider City Brewing has a great selection of covering IPAs, stouts, pale ales, and more. 
  • Silver Moon Brewing: Silver Moon Brewing is an excellent option for brewing with lots of energy. Check out their events calendar or stop in and marvel at the interior art.
  • Goodlife Brewing Company: Goodlife Brewing Company offers an excellent selection of well-balanced beers. Try their award-winning Sweet As! Pacific Ale.

Drink Your Way Through The Bend Ale Trail

This is the best summer activity that you can do in Oregon. The best way to experience The Bend Ale Trail is by starting at Village Properties At Sunriver. We feature some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

Why You Need To Visit Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory

Summer is a magnificent time to visit Central Oregon. One way to take advantage of Sunriver’s clear, sunny weather is by taking some time to visit the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory. It’s a must-see destination for anyone with an interest in the wonders of the natural world. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or your family is looking for an enjoyable day activity, when you book directly with Village Properties at Sunriver, you’ll be in an excellent location to visit Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory and more. Here’s what you need to know about Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory before you visit.

What Is The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory?

The Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory is located on the west edge of Sunriver on River Road. Visitors can use the Sunriver pathways to walk or bike to SNCO, where bike racks are available. SNCO features a wide variety of exhibits that showcase live animals natural to the area. In addition to the animal and plant exhibits, another attraction is the Oregon Observatory, the largest publicly accessible observatory in the country. The Sunriver Nature Center also offers a range of educational programs and events designed specifically for children, emphasizing natural science and eco-preservation.

Things To Do

There is an ever-changing schedule of events and activities. Here is a sampling of what you can expect.

  • Visit the Creature Cave to see snakes, lizards, frogs, salamanders, and more.
  • Stroll through the botanical gardens. It’s a great place to get close to some of Oregon’s wildflowers and pollinators.
  • Learn about the rehabilitation efforts for some of the live animals at the Center, like the owls, hawks, eagles, and swans.
  • Head to Lake Aspen and enter the Observatory to get a unique view of the sun and the stars.

Private Experiences

You can take a private tour if you want a more private journey through the Sunriver Nature Center & Observatory. The private guides that are available include:

  • An exclusive star party in the Observatory.
  • Learn about cosmic adventures with rockets or rovers.
  • A family birding adventure.
  • A two-mile Sunriver nature hike.

It’s The Best Way To See Oregon Nature

Sunriver’s elevation, minimal light pollution, and crystal clear air have earned it an International Sky Place designation, the first in Oregon. Visiting Sunriver is the best way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. And with a vacation rental with Village Properties, you won’t have to compromise on comfort. You’ll also sleep well at your vacation rental through Village Properties at Sunriver. Village Properties at Sunriver features some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

Want Free Tickets to Visit?

When you stay with Village Properties, you can take the exciting opportunity to visit Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory as part of your stay through the VIP Experience! Get daytime access for your whole group to enjoy everything the center has to offer as part of your Selection Perks that come with your stay! Learn more about the Village Properties VP VIP Experience and book your next adventure to Sunriver today.

The Local Guide to Bend, Oregon Food Trucks

Bend, Oregon, has some outstanding events and festivals throughout the year. Typically, you can find a lineup of delicious food trucks at any of these events. These food trucks are everywhere in Bend, Oregon, not just at events. Finding something unique and great if you are visiting for the first time can be intimidating. However, we know of some popular food trucks with locals and visitors.

If you plan a vacation to Central Oregon, we suggest staying at Village Properties at Sunriver. We are close to Bend, Oregon, with many attractions in Sunriver, Oregon, to explore. For those looking to explore Bend, Oregon, here are some note-worthy food trucks to seek out when you are here.

The Lot

This is Bend’s first food truck pod. What that means is that the space is designed for a variety of food carts. This is one of the best places to visit if you want to sample different food or are still determining what to eat. It’s also wonderful to stop in if it is chilly outside because of the heated seating. We recommend the Pork Curry Tacos from A’la Carte. The taproom serves beer, cider, kombucha, CBD, hard seltzer, and wine. The 16-tap handles rotate, giving various local and regional pints to try.

The Podski

The Podski is located in Bend’s historic Box Factory in the Old Mill District. It’s a unique and beautiful location to grab a bite and drink. You’ll find a fantastic selection of food to choose from. We suggest trying Juno Japanese Sushi Garden and Little Slice of Heaven Cheesecakes.

On Tap

On the North East side of Bend, Oregon, you’ll find On Tap. It’s a less traveled area but offers an unparalleled draft collection. The outdoor beer garden is a great place to park yourself with friends during the summer. If it’s a little cool, you’ll love the heated and enclosed tap house or outdoor heated tent. With six food trucks and 35 taps, including craft beer, cider, wine, and kombucha, you should be OK with finding the perfect meal and drink. We recommend visiting Rush’s Squares. 

Sample The Best Food Bend Has To Offer

We know you won’t have a problem finding something to eat and drink when you visit these food trucks in Bend, Oregon. Also, you won’t find a better place in Central Oregon to rest your head than at Village Properties at Sunriver. Village Properties at Sunriver is a short drive from Bend, Oregon, and features some of the best amenities and rooms in the area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

Best Fine Dining Restaurants Near Sunriver, Oregon

When it comes to fine dining at restaurants in Sunriver, Oregon, you will not find it lacking in options. It’s a beautiful place with a variety of meals and experiences. Get a head start on your Oregon vacation planning by booking directly with Village Properties at Sunriver. We are ideally located for you to travel to and from the best fine dining in Sunriver and Bend, Oregon. These are some of the most elegant restaurants in and near Sunriver, Oregon.

Marcello’s Cucina Italiana

For those who want an excellent Italian meal, Marcello’s Cucina Italiana is a great place. You can order classic plates of food like Chicken Parmesan and Fettuccine Alfredo. They also offer special wine dinners. These include a tour of some of the best wines in Italy and food pairs for each glass of wine. 

South Bend Bistro

The South Bend Bistro is a comfy, elegant dinner destination in Sunriver, Oregon. You’ll be treated to a delicious mix of locally sourced food and imported specialty meats and cheeses. You can also select fantastic wines paired explicitly with whatever entree you choose from the menu.

Enjoy Some Of The Best Food In Oregon

We know that no matter which restaurant you choose, you will have a memorable meal and experience with whoever you bring to these restaurants in Sunriver. It can all start at Village Properties at Sunriver. Village Properties at Sunriver is a short drive away and features some of the best amenities and rooms in the Sunriver and Bend, Oregon, area. Have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

Amenities To Have For Managing A Rental Property

When preparing your rental vacation property for new guests, it’s crucial to have the essentials covered when managing a rental property. One thing that makes all the difference compared to your competition is outstanding and essential amenities upfront. See some examples at Village Properties at Sunriver, in Central Oregon, if you are looking for ideas. We’ll cover some of the essentials you should mention for managing a rental property.

  • Basic toiletries: One of the most critical and essential things to offer in your vacation rental. Remember soap, shampoo, conditioner, towels, and toilet paper.
  • Wifi and streaming: Guests usually expect wifi for their smartphones and more. In addition, if the weather is ideal, guests will want to watch TV and stream entertainment if the weather is rainy.
  • Offline enjoyment: Outside of streaming content online, you must include things to do offline. Think of having stuff like board games, cards, puzzles, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies: Accidents happen, so you will want to stock plenty of ways to tidy your vacation rental. This includes things like dish soap, paper towels, and a vacuum.
  • Kitchen supplies: Stock your kitchen with essentials like plates, glasses, silverware, and basic cooking utensils.
  • Informative house rules: Provide clear house rules to your guests. You will need to address this upfront and again when your guests check-in. Provide check-in and check-out times, noise restrictions, and other important local ordinances.

Cover Your Essentials

These are some things that you will want to remember when you are managing your rental property. Check out the vacation rental properties on Village Properties at Sunriver for a better idea. To hear more about our Sunriver and Caldera Springs property management services, contact our Vacations Property Manager, Nicole McClure, at nicole@village-properties.com or call directly at 541-749-1268.

4 Joyous St. Patrick’s Day Events In Bend, Oregon

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, we wanted to share upcoming events and activities in Bend, Oregon. Suppose you plan on staying in Central Oregon this week or looking for a future trip here. In that case, you should know that there is always something interesting going on. Village Properties at Sunriver is the best place to explore many outstanding events in Bend, Oregon. We are in Sunriver, Oregon, only a short drive from Bend, Oregon. This is what you can look forward to during St. Patrick’s Day.

An Irish Rambling House at The Tower Theatre

An Irish Rambling House is a beautiful, humorous, and exciting event. According to the Tower Theatre‘s website, “In Ireland, the neighbors would pick a house to ramble to in the evenings to share music, dance, and story. These settings bore their humor, charm, and a sense of community and togetherness, which is what Rambling House exemplifies.” Tickets are available. Enjoy the show with a warm mug of Irish coffee too.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at McMenamins

If you want to try an excellent local Irish Stout, head over to McMenamins. In addition to their own Irish Stout, they will be offering a unique St. Patrick’s Day whiskey. Outside of drinks and food, the establishment will feature live music all day and late into the night.

St. Patrick’s Day at Oregon Spirit Distillers

For those looking for something other than Irish Stouts, then stop by the tasting room at Oregon Spirit Distillers. They will be pouring whiskey, beer, Shamrock Shooters, and more. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a hidden lucky charm for your opportunity to win the scavenger hunt.

St. Patrick’s Day Dash

Stay active on St. Patrick’s Day with Bend, Oregon’s St. Patrick’s Day dash. Start your race in Old Mill District and enjoy live music, beer, fitness, and more. You can choose a 5K, 10K, or 1.3-mile course. Don’t forget to wear green and join in after the race for the Miller Lumber Post-Dash-Bash.

Irish You Could Visit Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, is the best place for those looking for a fun time during St. Patrick’s Day. Village Properties at Sunriver is a short drive away and features some of the best amenities and rooms in the Bend, Oregon, area. Make sure you have the best time possible by booking directly with us. To hear more about our accommodations, reach out to us at 1-844-458-4433. Or book with us online.

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